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What to do when you get angry?

Answer: Answer by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj : 
Think that it will hurt your divine beloved to see you in this state. Why should you get angry? Admit your mistake when you are wrong. Admit it even when you are not wrong.
Don't speak. When you are angry inside, try to use the knowledge given by your Guru and dissolve the anger. if you speak out in anger, it will hurt others and increase your anger.
If someone says something bad about you, think to yourself, 'I am full of vices. Which fault do I not have? So if this person is pointing out one of my faults, why should I be upset?' Before God realization, everyone is full of faults. Then why get upset?
If someone praises you today, keep in mind that the same person may also criticize you tomorrow. Always be ready for criticism.
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Do I physically need to be present at a temple to receive the true benefits of devotion?

Answer: If  you can stay at home, do  your own personal devotion and long to have the darshan of Radha Krishna, you are doing true devotion. Just like, suppose someone lives very far from Radha Madhav Dham - he has come here once, and he couldn't come back for a long time, but he is really longing to come back.  Longing means like you are thinking of the spiritual time you enjoyed over here, thinking of Radha Krishn, thinking of their presence here.  This makes your longing for the temple a longing for Radha Krishn for Their vision- as long as devotional longing is there, it is devotion and you will receive the true benefits of doing devotion.  
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