2022 Hindu Family Camp & Sadhana Shivir

A Unique Spiritual Experience – December 25-31

Registration is closed.

Registration will be closed as soon as we reach our maximum accommodation capacity or December 15, whichever happens first.

This is to allow adequate preparation time for our accommodations, housekeeping, kitchen, and education departments, and to enable us to provide the best possible experience for participants and sevaks alike. Please make sure to register soon.

What can I gain by attending the Hindu Family Camp?

The Hindu Family Camp at Radha Madhav Dham is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual aspirants of all ages to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Hindu philosophy.
  • Evolve their inner spirituality and come closer to Radha Krishna through learning the practices of roop dhyan (meditation) and raganuga bhakti (devotion).
  • Cultivate positive character virtues.
  • Meet other like-minded families and establish friendships that support their interest in Hinduism.
  • Develop devotional skills to help keep the mind engaged in God through creative means.
  • Increase their appreciation of Hindu culture and pride in being Hindu.
  • Learn the value of selfless service.

Devotion & Seva: The Foundation of the Whole Experience

The Camp provides the opportunity to:

  • learn from the preachers of JKP through lectures and interactive classes
  • engross your mind in the bliss of extended chanting sessions
  • engage in doing seva in the ashram

To give a variety of ways for participants of all ages to engage their mind in devotion, the Family Camp includes extra enrichment activities like:

  • Drum/Dholak class
  • Harmonium class
  • Outdoor Games
  • Walks to the holy places of RMD
  • Campfire
  • Parallel Hinduism classes for kids ages 3-17

Accommodation Rates

There is no registration fee to participate in Camp activities.  The following overnight accommodation rates will apply:

  • Dorm – $35 per Adult & $25 per child per night
  • Room with common bath – $40 per Adult & $25 per child per night
  • Room with attached bath – $55 per Adult & $30 per Child per night
  • Day Camper – $20 per Adult & $15 per Child

We are offering the following overnight accommodation discounts to encourage new families to come for the first time:

  • 25% discount for new participants (attending Camp for the first time and staying for six nights or more)

For accommodation questions, please email: reservations@radhamadhavdham.org

Important Dates to keep in mind when you make your travel plans

Day 1 of Camp: Sun, Dec 25. We will offer bhog to Radha Rani at 4:15 pm in the prayer hall (Dec 25 is Meri Radhey Diwas). 5:00 pm Arti. At 5:30 pm, a special dinner will be served to the devotees. Kids & teens ages 7-17 must attend orientation at 7:00 pm to be admitted to the program, so please make your travel plans accordingly.

Final day of Camp: Sat, Dec 31, 11:00 am – Kids & teens age 7-17 must attend the full program, so if you have kids enrolled, please do not plan to leave the ashram until after lunch on Dec 31.

New Year’s chanting:  Sat, Dec 31, 12:00 pm to 12:00 am; Sun, Jan 1 6:00 am-6:00 pm – Stay on after the Camp and bring in the new year in the most auspicious way: with 24 hours of devotional chanting!

Teen Program

Participation in the Teen program (age 14-17) is now by invitation only. The Teen program at the Radha Madhav Dham Hindu Family Camp is an advanced and intensive course for teens who are already on the path of devotion, and who are serious about deepening their devotional knowledge and experiences. Therefore, this program is open only to a limited number of high-school-age participants (age 14-17) who have demonstrated a strong and sincere interest in devotion and seva. If you wish to inquire further, please call Nikhilanand Bhaiya at 512-914-9519, or email him at nb@radhamadhavdham.org. If you wish to see the invitation criteria, please click on this link:  A message to aspiring teens

 Supervision of children:

All children age 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their entire stay at Radha Madhav Dham – this includes Day Campers. Guardianship can be delegated to a direct relative over the age of 25.

For more information, please contact us at:  camp@radhamadhavdham.org or call: 512-288­-7180

Please click here for  2022 Family camp Schedule