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Why we are not turning and surrending to God even after we get the knowleadge and know how sweet he is, full of nice qualities, all attractive, giver of bliss and so on?

Question Detail: I was listening to this lecture: Where at the end He said, that there is a reason behind it, but he will talk about it some other time. Can you kindly give me a link to that lecture or explain to be what he ment by it? What is the reason behind it? Thank you a lot.Radhe Radhe!
Answer: The reason is that this knowledge has only entered into our mind on a very superficial level. To make it enter on a deeper level, we must think about it over and over again. The moment we truly believe these things about God, we will instantly surrender to Him. But as of now, it is still just a theory on the surface of our mind. The truth is that we still have more faith in finding happiness in maya than in God. We have thought uncountable times that, "This world is the form of happiness, and I'm going to receive it." Thus, our attachment in mayic things has entered very deep into our mind. This attachment pulls our mind towards the world, even though we have theoretically understood the points you mentioned. Because we have not thought nearly so many times that, "God is the form of happiness, and I will get happiness from Him." Thus, we must repeatedly and continuously contemplate on this knowledge until we develop faith in and a desire for God.
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Who is guru of Kripaluji Maharaja?

Question Detail: Hello, I have a question. I am really inspired by Kripaluji Maharaja, I have seen some of his lectures and kirtans and I just really feel divine bliss from him. I would like to associate with his sangha but I have one question. He was speaking a lot about importance of guru. But who was his guru? Who is guru of Kripaluji Maharaja and to which sampradaya and parampara he belongs to? Thank you for your response.
Answer: Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj did not reveal any details about who his Guru was.  On the question of sampraday, he often answered humorously that he belongs to the sampraday of Shree Krishna. The souls who have followed his teachings never cared much to know these details about him. They knew they had found a true Guru in him and a true path to God in what he taught - raganuga bhakti (selfless devotion to God). That is all that mattered to them.  

As you yourself have experienced, the wisdom of his speeches is available to guide us and the bliss of his chanting is here to uplift us. We can take advantage of these resources to help us proceed on the path of bhakti and reach our goal of God realization. 

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