How to do Roopdhyana more successfully?

Preacher Questions and AnswersHow to do Roopdhyana more successfully?
Avatar of Div G.Div G. asked 3 years ago

Radhe Radhe Nikhilananda Ji,
Is it normal if for roopdhyan, the roop of Shree Radha Krishna you choose changes sometimes?
Have you personally noticed that over the course of the many years of sadhna, your mental visualization of Shree Radha Krishna has changed many times, or has it stayed relatively constant? Is it also normal to occasionally change some features of the image you visualize?
Also, is it normal if the image is not that clear and “sharp”? For e.g., if I consider my sister, I’ve seen her everyday, moving and talking, so I can clearly visualize her and her image is sharp in my mind. But because I haven’t seen Shree Radha Krishna moving right before me, it’s hard for me to visualize movements. As a result, my roopdhyana during sadhna is usually a stagnant, still picture that I can only add a few, unclear, limited movements to. I’m not able to advance from this, can you please provide some advice?
Radhe Radhe