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What to do when you get angry?

Answer: Answer by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj : 
Think that it will hurt your divine beloved to see you in this state. Why should you get angry? Admit your mistake when you are wrong. Admit it even when you are not wrong.
Don't speak. When you are angry inside, try to use the knowledge given by your Guru and dissolve the anger. if you speak out in anger, it will hurt others and increase your anger.
If someone says something bad about you, think to yourself, 'I am full of vices. Which fault do I not have? So if this person is pointing out one of my faults, why should I be upset?' Before God realization, everyone is full of faults. Then why get upset?
If someone praises you today, keep in mind that the same person may also criticize you tomorrow. Always be ready for criticism.
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what do we do when we have made a serious spiritual transgression?

Answer: We should know that God and Guru do not look to punish someone who has committed a spiritual transgression or, namaparadh. The damage is done by our own mind. We pollute our own mind with our wrong thinking and then we suffer the consequences. But God and Guru know that as long as we are under the bondage of maya, we will continue to make such mistakes. They are more than willing to forgive us and to help us overcome the negative consequences of our mistake. All a sadhak has to do is admit his mistake, sincerely ask for forgiveness, and resolve never to make that mistake again. When you do that, your Guru will forgive you and will help you recover your lost devotion so that you can go ahead on the path.
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How many types of ‘jeev’ are there? Where is and isn’t maya?

Answer: 1. There are 8.4 million (chaurasi lakh) types of species into which a soul can enter.2. Maya is the material power which manifests the entire universe. Thus, maya is everywhere in this universe. However, maya cannot enter the Divine abode of God.
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Radhey Radhey Swami ji, I am suffering from immense ego (ahankar). How to reduce this?

Answer: Ahankar (also called ego or vanity) is a natural characteristic of the human mind. There is nothing wrong with having it, because it remains in everyone's mind up until God realization. The only way to overcome it is first of all by acknowledging that you have it - you are already doing this. Just be aware how it affects you. This will develop humbleness. The second thing to do is keep doing sadhana. Only by doing sadhana can we purify our mind, and as the mind purifies, the vanity is gradually suppressed and more humbleness is developed. The gist is that there is no easy way or short cut. We simply have to keep practicing devotion and gradually the ahankar will be reduced. 
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Is there a point where even sleep can be transcended- even if it is a state of samadhi of yoga nidra?

Answer:  For ordinary people like us, sleep is a necessity.  As long as we have a physical body, there are certain things that we must provide it: adequate nutrition, adequate sleep, protection from the elements, etc.  Although there have certainly been great yogis and tapasvis who were able to greatly reduce their reliance on such things, this is not part of the path of bhakti.  The path of bhakti requires us to moderate our use of food and sleep in order to maintain a healthy existence.  Then we focus on attaching our mind to God through practicing daily devotion.  We do not try to or hope to develop siddhis or to transcend the physical elements. Sleep is necessary for our bodies, but it should be used in moderation.  Sleeping too much is not good for maintaining a devotional state of mind, because it promotes the tamas quality of the mind.  Sleep just enough to meet the requirements of the body.  The reason that we are so attached to the pleasure of lying in bed and sleeping is because of that tamas guna of our mind.  The more we give into it, the more it grows.  The more we control it, the more it subsides.  As our heart purifies through the practice of bhakti, so does our attachment to sleep begin to reduce.  But even a God realized Saint who is beyond the three gunas (qualities) of maya still sleeps for some time every night.
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I have heard that a person gets to meet God face to face 7 times in his life. How true is this?

Answer: The truth is that even if we met God face to face, we would not recognize His Divinity. He is omnipresent, yet we are unable to see Him. He resides in our heart, yet we do not experience Him. In uncountable lifetimes, we have seen Him uncountable times during his descension on the earth planet. Yet not once have we recognized Him. That is why we must do devotion to purify our heart. Upon complete heart purification, God will Grace you. With His Grace, you will receive a Divine mind and senses. Then you will be able to see Him, know Him, and experience Him. 
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How can we do devotion while working

Answer: One simple trick for doing devotion while working is to set an alarm every hour to help you do your daily remembrance.  When the alarm rings, for that one second bring your mind to God, imagine that Krishna is standing right next to you, He is with you doing what you are doing or simply watching over you. Realize this for a few seconds every hour on the hour, every time the alarm goes, thats it!  You will be able to do devotion even while working... and without taking time away from work. 
Slowly your mind will get disciplined in remembering God while working and you wont need the help of an alarm, it will go there automatically.   Give this way a try and see how it can help you!
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Do I physically need to be present at a temple to receive the true benefits of devotion?

Answer: If  you can stay at home, do  your own personal devotion and long to have the darshan of Radha Krishna, you are doing true devotion. Just like, suppose someone lives very far from Radha Madhav Dham - he has come here once, and he couldn't come back for a long time, but he is really longing to come back.  Longing means like you are thinking of the spiritual time you enjoyed over here, thinking of Radha Krishn, thinking of their presence here.  This makes your longing for the temple a longing for Radha Krishn for Their vision- as long as devotional longing is there, it is devotion and you will receive the true benefits of doing devotion.  
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Is it essential to engage the mind in spiritual practice?

Answer: Yes mind is the only means of devotion, physical senses of the body can help in engaging the mind in spiritual practice but it cannot help one attain the fruits of their devotional practice. The spiritual law of God is that you will attain only that which you are attached to - whether it be spiritual or material, it will be according to the attachment of one’s mind, and not according to one’s physical actions.  Thus, if we are physically engaged in worldly activities, but keep our mind attached to God, then we will not have to bear the fruits of our physical actions. We will only receive spiritual results if we can develop a loving attachment of our mind to God.
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How can I do daily devotion?

Answer: Devotion is done daily by doing "loving remembrance".  Just remember God daily "in a loving way" while working, while doing chores or in your free time and you will be doing your daily devotion
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