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Roopdhyan Leela: The Stunning Flower Tree

The Stunning Flower Tree

Radha and the gopis walk the beautiful lands of Vrindavan. Radha is wearing a deep blue sari, with gentle, yet elegant bright golden earrings, which dangle in the afternoon wind.  The reflection of the sun so gently touches her eyes, all of the gopis stare in awe. Her crown is perfectly placed on top of her head. The bright blue and pink emeralds gently border the vibrant golden tiara. The way she walks is so fashionable; each step she takes is an elegant dance move. The gopis are all wearing bright colored half saris, with beautiful diamond studs which so delicately touch their ears. They walk closely behind Radha, gazing upon the breath-taking view of Diwali was just around the corner, Radha and the gopis wanted to make flower garlands to wear to the festival. They had flowers in their basket but, they didn’t have enough and none of them were the bright colored flowers they were looking for. Just then, Lalitha one of the gopis spotted a tree with the brightest and the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen!

Radha and the other gopis immediately rushed over to the tree, but realized there was a slight problem. The branches were too high to reach. Radha and the gopis tried and tried, but there was no way to reach the flowers. Just then they “It’s Krishna and the gwalbals!” Lalitha exclaimed.

“Oh! Maybe they can help us reach the flowers!” Radha excitingly said.

The gopis and Radha patiently waited until the voices of Krishna and the gwalbals were clearly heard. Krishna walked from behind the tree and looked at the gopis and Radha in a stylish, and naughty way.

“What are you doing here?” Krishna innocently asked.

“We are picking flowers for the festival of Diwali and Lalitha just spotted this stunning flower tree, but the flowers are too high too reach, so we were wondering if you would help us pick the flowers.” Radha softly explained. Krishna was touched to see them making flower garlands for the festival, but he was cunning and naughty at the same time.

“Why should I help you pick these gorgeous flowers off the tree? The flowers add a delicate finishing touch to this tree, so we must preserve these flowers! Radha and the gopis looked at each other with puzzled looks. They turned their heads towards Krishna.

“I will sit on the branch of this tree and protect it from you gopis picking at it.” Krishna propped himself on the top branch of the tree and started playing his flute. Radha grew agitated, and turned away from Krishna. She yearned for those flowers for her flower garlands. The gopis swiftly followed Radha’s moves and turned their bodies opposite to the tree. Krishna felt sympathy for them and hopped. Quietly, one by one, Krishna start picking at the flowers. He soon gathered enough flowers for each gopi to make two garlands. He walked up to them, and handed them the flowers. All of their faces lit up, and they all beamed at Lord Krishna. Krishna stepped back and started playing his flute. All of the gopis started dancing to the heavenly sound. The gwalbals joined in and they all danced together in the beauty of Vrindavan.

The story has been written by Pallavi Kulkarni, 13 yrs, Virginia


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