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Why is it that we can never truly help another person?

Question Detail: I remember hearing this addressed in a speech, but I need to be reminded again. So many times I get proud about helping others, even though I know I shouldn't be.
Answer: Out of goodness, we desire to see another person make good choices and do things that lead to their happiness. However, no matter how clear it is to us when they are harming themselves through destructive thinking patterns, or by missing spiritual opportunities by disregarding the need for God in their life, we cannot change another person's mind. We can advise, educate, and motivate, but no matter how much we want to, we can't change another person's mind. They have to do that themselves. When it comes to physically helping someone, we should remember that we are actually helping ourselves. By doing something good, we find peace of mind, and develop the sattvic quality of our personality. As for the person, they will only get what's coming to them. In other words, if it was in their destiny to receive help, they would have received it from someone else if not from you. So you are merely an instrument of their destiny (according to their own past lives' karm). In that way, you can remain humble by knowing that they were not dependent on you, and they would have gotten the help from somewhere else anyway. Which is not to say that you shouldn't have helped them - you should, because it is the right thing to do - but also keep in mind that you are not in any way "saving" them. 
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Why do we offer our food to God?

Question Detail: I've been noticing that many devotees pray before eating food. Why do we do this? And what are we supposed to think about when we offer food?
Answer: Offering our food to God before eating has several benefits to us. First of all, it is a chance to remember that we do not eat for the taste of the food, but to nourish our body, which has been given to us by Shree Krishna. This body should be used to do devotion and service to Him, so we have to keep it healthy so we can do better devotion and service. That way, even eating becomes a devotional activity which is dedicated to Krishna. This is a part of doing karm yog.   Secondly, it is a chance to slow down, stop everything else, and remember Radha Krishna for a few moments. Remember that They are with us. Any chance we get to do that, we should take advantage of it. So thinking of Radha Krishna before we eat is a good discipline which helps us get in the habit of remembering God throughout the day. This is also part of doing karm yog.   Lastly, offering our food to Radha Krishna means that we are requesting Them to come and eat. It is an exercise in devotion and faith. There are many examples in our scriptures of people who offered food to God with full faith, and God appeared before them and ate the food. We also want to become like them. Even if our faith in Radha Krishna is not yet complete, yet by practicing or exercising our faith, we strengthen it and purify our heart. So with as much faith as you can muster, close your eyes and beseech Radha and Krishna to come to you and eat the food you have placed before you. You can use whatever words you want, in any language you want. He hears the feelings of your heart. Here is a simple prayer in English that you can use or modify to your liking:  "Oh my dearest darling! The absolute supreme Shree Krishna! Everything I own is Yours and is for Your service. I wish You come with Radha and eat this food I have prepared for You. Whoever eats the rest of this food, I wish them to be blessed by Your love. Yours forever. Shree Radhey!"
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