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how to stop comparing with life of others

Question Detail: I usually compare myself with others that i am only not happy i have not got this and that but others are happy and this gets strong by seeing and feeling that others are very very happy compared to others. Also i compare with whom who are above me i am not able to compare who are below me.
A child experiences temporary happiness playing a make believe game. Adults cannot experience the same happiness playing that game, because they know it's not real. They also know that when the child matures, he will no longer find pleasure in that game. Similarly, many people find pleasure in worldly things, and they don't realize a need to look any further for the their happiness. That is fine for them at their level. However, as they grow and gain more experiences of the temporary and illusive nature of worldly happiness, they will also question whether there is more to life than sensual pleasures. Another facet of this situation is that people who seem happy in the world generally are not "living in happiness" - they are "living in the hope of happiness". They always feel that true happiness is just around the corner, and they have a firm faith that if they don't find it today, then surely they will find it tomorrow. This hope of finding happiness keeps them buoyed up, but they never actually find it. A devotee is someone who understands that their true happiness can only come from God.
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