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If someone does bhakti of Brahma only which where he would go after bhagvad praapti

Question Detail: Raadhey Raadhey Swamiji. This question is long hanging into my mind and I am not able to find suitable answer to this. Though I have listened to many many lectures of Shri Maharaj Ji but I am not able to find answer to this. My question is in two parts.
If a someone is doing bhakti of let's say only Brahma jee (or Vishnu jee or Shankar jee or Ganesh jee, any other form of God etc for that matter) under a Guru and that person does Bhagvad praapti (attains God) then
  1. Where he would go after attaining God? 
  2. If someone is doing Bhakti of only Brahma jee then does four different bhav(dasa, sakhya, vatsalya, Madhuraya) applies here also?                                                                                                                                                               a) If the answer is YES then where the soul would go after Bhagvad praapti and will there be difference in Anand/Prem ( ras vailakshan) he would receive (like Maharaj ji explains in Golok one might go to Dwarka, Mathura, Braj, Vrindavan etch depending upon through which bhav the saadhka did the saadhna bhakti )?                                                            b) if the answer is NO then does the four Bhav apply only for Shri Krishna or any other form of God .How one would worship Brahma without any of the four bhav? Then what association/bhav he would establish with Brahma Jee while doing saadhna bhakti? 
Please explain me in little detail Swamiji as I don't know but why this question keeps coming into my mind. Raadhey Raadhey aur koti koti dhanyawaad answer dene ke liye.
Answer: Due to technical issue, there was a delay in posting the answer. Apologies for the inconvenience! Radhey Radhey,The principle as taught by Jagaduguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, and stated in the Gita by Shree Krishna (chapter 9, verse 25), is that we would go to the abode of the personality we worship (attach our mind to / surrender to). Therefore, if someone attains Ganesh, Shankar, or Vishnu, they would go to Vaikunth abode in the Divine world. In the case of Brahma, they would only attain swarg, since Brahma's abode is satya lok, which is the topmost abode of swarg. Having gone to satya lok (also called brahm lok), they would again be born on earth (see Gita chapter 8, verse 16).  The 4 bhav are used in devotion to Shree Krishna and Shree Ram. A fifth bhav, called shant bhav (relating yourself to God as a subject does to a king), is used for all other dorms of God, like Vishnu, Shiv, etc. Nikhilanand Bhaiya 
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