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Can we still please Guru if we have not obeyed his advice and acted as per mayic mind?

Question Detail: Radhey Radhey I have not ever implemented Maharaj ji's advice sincerely in my life. And can I make up for this ever? Can I ever reverse the effect? Is there a way?  
Answer: Radhey Radhey, None of us is perfect in following the spiritual guidelines - what we should aim for is continual improvement. If we were perfect, we would already be God-realized. The Guru knows this, and tries to inspire us to improve - he is not looking to punish us for our shortcomings. Of course, the more we sincerely follow the devotional guidelines, the more it pleases the Guru, because he sees the benefit we are receiving. It is just like a parent being pleased by their child's efforts and successes.  The main loss we suffer when we don't implement the teachings practically in our life is the loss of time. The time that has passed is gone forever, and whatever time we have left in this life is passing us by every moment. The Guru is far more aware than we are of what we have to gain by following the path of devotion, and what we stand to lose if we miss this chance. Therefore, it pains him to see us waste time, and it pleases him to see our sincere effort. Nikhilanand Bhaiya
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how to stop comparing with life of others

Question Detail: I usually compare myself with others that i am only not happy i have not got this and that but others are happy and this gets strong by seeing and feeling that others are very very happy compared to others. Also i compare with whom who are above me i am not able to compare who are below me.
A child experiences temporary happiness playing a make believe game. Adults cannot experience the same happiness playing that game, because they know it's not real. They also know that when the child matures, he will no longer find pleasure in that game. Similarly, many people find pleasure in worldly things, and they don't realize a need to look any further for the their happiness. That is fine for them at their level. However, as they grow and gain more experiences of the temporary and illusive nature of worldly happiness, they will also question whether there is more to life than sensual pleasures. Another facet of this situation is that people who seem happy in the world generally are not "living in happiness" - they are "living in the hope of happiness". They always feel that true happiness is just around the corner, and they have a firm faith that if they don't find it today, then surely they will find it tomorrow. This hope of finding happiness keeps them buoyed up, but they never actually find it. A devotee is someone who understands that their true happiness can only come from God.
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Please proove Krishna is akaran karun?

Answer: Radhey Radhey,Please understand a few important points:
  1. The "karan" (reason) behind every person's actions is the desire for happiness. Even if they are doing "karuna" (being kind, showing compassion), it is motivated by the desire for their own happiness. Therefore, no ordinary person can be "akaran karun" (causelessly gracious).
  2. Shree Krishna is self-content and ever-blissful, since He is the very form of Divine happiness. Thus, He has no "karan" to perform any action. When He performs gracious actions, it is not in any way motivated by His own desires, because He has none. 
  3. Thus, the only thing that motivates Shree Krishna is the desire for other people's happiness. 
  4. That means that His each and every action is motivated by His nature of being akaran karun. Otherwise, He would never do anything. 
  5. Therefore, the examples of His causeless grace are unlimited in number, so it's hard to know where to stop writing. I will just provide a few examples for you:
  • He resides within every soul and gives life to them.
  • He manifests the universe so that the souls can receive a human body, gain spiritual knowledge, and attain Him.
  • He provides all the various types of foodstuff to support the physical existence of souls on earth.
  • He produces the Vedas and other scriptures to make correct spiritual knowledge available on earth.
  • He sends Saints on earth to teach the souls.
  • He Himself takes avatar to further inspire the souls and to give them devotional material through which to engross their mind in remembering Him (by listening to, reading, and meditating on His leelas).
  • He keeps track of the karm of all the souls and gives them the consequences.
  • He graces any soul who remembers Him.
  • He gives Divine bliss to any soul who surrenders to Him.
This is just a brief outline of His activities which are all undertaken for the benefit of the souls. He is not rewarded in any way for all of this effort, nor does He need to do it for any reason related to His own happiness. But He is bound to do it all due to His akaran karun nature.
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Does Kripaluji Maharaj gave any instructions on avoiding garlic and onion for devotees and offering food with onion & garlic to Krishna

Answer: We do not use garlic and onions in the food made in our ashrams, nor do we serve it to Radha and Krishna in any of our mandirs. However, Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj did not give any specific instructions in this regard for one's personal life and personal devotion. You will have to judge for yourself how it affects your devotional attitude when you eat it and decide whether you want to keep consuming it or not.
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does the jeev has any kind of body when it is there in the mahodar of lord krishna after mahapralay?

Question Detail: As the jeev goes into the mahodar of shree Krishna after mahapralay with their sanskars , so do they possess an body among sthool,sukshm,karana?if not then where are the sanskars stored? because stool and sukshm being the material body how can they enter the divine mahodar of shree Krishna?
Answer: During maha pralay, the soul only has its karan shareer, which is made of the past sanskars. The sthool shareer (physical body) and sookshm shareer (mind and senses) are dissolved into the mayic energy.
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