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1. we do alot of karma in a day . how one can arpit all his karma to god ?

Answer: If we understand that the aim of our life is God-realization, then we can perform all actions with that goal in mind. We perform certain actions every day related to our daily survival like eating, sleeping, working. We can offer all these karm or actions to God so we are not bound by their consequences. For example, you can offer food to God and eat it as His prasad. Also, you can think that I need to eat to keep my body healthy so I can do more devotion and seva to God. I am working because I need money to buy the basic necessities required for my body. Having acquired these necessities, I will use my time for doing devotion and service to God. Similarly, you need the sleep to rest your body so you can do devotion without any obstacles.  So, perform all your actions and duties in the world while remembering God. Please also watch Swami Nikhilanand Ji's lecture explaining this question in more detail - "Is It Possible to Remember Shree Krishn All the Time?" 
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Why is it that we can never truly help another person?

Question Detail: I remember hearing this addressed in a speech, but I need to be reminded again. So many times I get proud about helping others, even though I know I shouldn't be.
Answer: Out of goodness, we desire to see another person make good choices and do things that lead to their happiness. However, no matter how clear it is to us when they are harming themselves through destructive thinking patterns, or by missing spiritual opportunities by disregarding the need for God in their life, we cannot change another person's mind. We can advise, educate, and motivate, but no matter how much we want to, we can't change another person's mind. They have to do that themselves. When it comes to physically helping someone, we should remember that we are actually helping ourselves. By doing something good, we find peace of mind, and develop the sattvic quality of our personality. As for the person, they will only get what's coming to them. In other words, if it was in their destiny to receive help, they would have received it from someone else if not from you. So you are merely an instrument of their destiny (according to their own past lives' karm). In that way, you can remain humble by knowing that they were not dependent on you, and they would have gotten the help from somewhere else anyway. Which is not to say that you shouldn't have helped them - you should, because it is the right thing to do - but also keep in mind that you are not in any way "saving" them. 
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I am a follower of Raganuga bhakti but my parents goes to all kinds to temple so i have to go sometimes ?

Question Detail: I am following maharaji only and listens to his divine words and read books and do Ananya bhakti and in my room there is only maharaji .My Parents go to all types of temples and some times i have to go .We get so many gods dieties and people force me to keep in my room but i only keep maharaji and Radha Krishna.Is it ok to take out dieties from my room such as Sai baba ,Laxmi ji etc and keep in prayer room .What should i do ?.Keep going to different temples or just follow maharaji and follow only his instructions ?
Answer: Radhey Radhey, It is important to be ananya, and if you are able to keep you personal space for devotion dedicated to only Maharaj Ji and Radha Krishna, that is ideal. It is a very good option to keep the other deities in the prayer room. You are being respectful. Going to temples where there are many forms of God depicted in the various moortis is okay - you can see them all as forms of Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna have taken all these forms, so see Radha Krishna in them, and do smaran of Radha Krishna. Nikhilanand Bhaiya
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