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I am a follower of Raganuga bhakti but my parents goes to all kinds to temple so i have to go sometimes ?

Question Detail: I am following maharaji only and listens to his divine words and read books and do Ananya bhakti and in my room there is only maharaji .My Parents go to all types of temples and some times i have to go .We get so many gods dieties and people force me to keep in my room but i only keep maharaji and Radha Krishna.Is it ok to take out dieties from my room such as Sai baba ,Laxmi ji etc and keep in prayer room .What should i do ?.Keep going to different temples or just follow maharaji and follow only his instructions ?
Answer: Radhey Radhey, It is important to be ananya, and if you are able to keep you personal space for devotion dedicated to only Maharaj Ji and Radha Krishna, that is ideal. It is a very good option to keep the other deities in the prayer room. You are being respectful. Going to temples where there are many forms of God depicted in the various moortis is okay - you can see them all as forms of Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna have taken all these forms, so see Radha Krishna in them, and do smaran of Radha Krishna. Nikhilanand Bhaiya
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Bhagavad Gita

Question Detail: Why Kripalu Maharaja never wrote a Bhagavad Gita commentary? 
Answer: Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj explained the essence of the Gita in all of his lectures and writings. In the book Prem Ras Siddhant, he has quoted over 100 verses of the Gita and explained them in relation to the statements of the Vedas/Upnishads, Puranas and Darshan Shastras. This is the proper way to learn the philosophy of the Gita, because it gives a broader context for the meaning of the verses and helps you understand how to practically apply it in your life. Hence, there is absolutely no need to study the Gita verse by verse.
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after maharaj ji went to golokdham if sombody accept him as guru and do sadhna . can he achieve his ultimate goal ?

Answer: Radhey Radhey, Yes. I know many people who have come into contact with Maharaj Ji's satsang and teachings since 2013, and they are doing sadhana and feel that they are progressing on the path in exactly the same way that Maharaj Ji describes. Maharaj Ji is physically present with each devotee, and is gracing them, whether they have met him or not. It is up to us to listen to his teachings, follow them, do sadhana, and experience his grace for ourselves. Nikhilanand Bhaiya
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