What should I attain, god or our self?

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Avatar of Swastika SahSwastika Sah asked 5 years ago

All human beings are seeking and desiring for happiness, and according to you, true/ultimate happiness  is in god, but there is a truth. The truth sets everything right. So shouldn’t we try to attain the truth because truth lies within yourself.  True happiness is in attaining yourself because once you know the truth, you will always get better and better. That is the universe gift for us. Once you understand the truth, you will be the happiest thing and you will only get better. Therefore, everyone is trying to attain same thing, happiness, but there is 2 different names for it, one is god and the other name is yourself. So if god and our self both mean happiness then god is our self. Aren’t we our own god? 

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Avatar of Pooja AnandPooja Anand Staff answered 5 years ago

Attaining the self means realizing the soul. Soul is Divine, yet it is but an ansh of God (ansh means a part of). Thus, self realization results in the attainment of only partial knowledge, whereas God realization results in the attainment of total knowledge.
Furthemore, the soul is bound by maya and the cycle of rebirth. Self realization does not result in liberation from maya; and the self realized soul is still bound to be reborn in the mayic world. It is only upon God realization that a soul is freed from the bondage of maya and the cycle of birth and death. When a soul surrenders to God, He graces that soul with God realization, total knowledge, and liberation.
Just as a man will not be released from prison simply by knowing himself, but will be released if he knows the king, similarly, self knowledge doesn’t result in liberation, but knowledge of God does. Just as man who is bound to a post by ropes and chains cannot untie himself, but can be untied by another who is free, similarly, a soul bound by maya cannot free himself, but can be freed by God (if he surrenders to God).
Thus, the ultimate goal of a soul is God realization, not mere self realization.