What is the law of destiny? Do we receive the results of our actions in this life?

Preacher Questions and AnswersWhat is the law of destiny? Do we receive the results of our actions in this life?
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 Destiny or Prarabdh Karm is the outcome of actions. In every life, we perform uncountable Kriyaman Karm (the actions of the current life). All of that karm is recorded. The record of all our unlimited karm from unlimited past lifetimes is called sanchit karm. Out of that Sanchit Karm, we are given a portion of it to undergo as destiny in this life. The rest is kept as Sanchit Karm to be given to us sometime in a future life. So we simultaneously perform new Kriyaman Karm, while undergoing our Prarabdh Karm (destiny) and Sanchit Karm is the stock of uncountable past actions. Destiny controls certain things in a person’s life (like major accidents, some illnesses, major financial ups and downs, fame and infamy). However, every person has control over their own thinking. This means that we exercise our free will to perform new actions every moment, and simultaneously undergo the consequences of past lives’ actions in the form of destiny.
The actions we perform in this life fructify in our next life. They become thedestiny of our next life. The destiny of this life is already determined by the karm of our last life, so there is no room for us to receive the outcome of this life’s actions in the same life. However, there is one way that we are immediately affected by our actions, that is in our mind. Our good or bad actions either develop our mind in a positive direction or a negative direction,and that can be felt immediately.