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Avatar of Sunil PathakSunil Pathak asked 1 year ago

Radhey Radhey,
                           I had some questions that came in my mind while listening to Maharajji’s pravachan.

  1. We know that with the grace of a saint, we receive the Divine. In shree Maharajji’s pravachan, we repeatedly hear that gyanis and yogis can’t have mukti. Gyanis and yogis do their sadhana under the guidance of gyani and yogi saint. Even under the guidance of gyani and yogi saint, can’t a gyani and yogi attain a mukti ?

       2. In Shree Maharajji’s pravachan, we also repeatedly hear that by bhakti we can attain everything. Does this mean    that anybody who does  bhakti to a personal form of God by himself, without the association of a saint, can attain the Divine fruit?
        3. Actually this is more of trying to understand the terms Maharajji used in his speeches, than a question. I tried dictionary, but it was not given clearly there. I have heard the words like “kamana” , “sankalpa” and “chintan” used quite often in Maharajji’s speeches. I know that kamana means desire and chintan means thinking. But I don’t understand how they relate with sankalpa. In some places, I have heard saying that sankalpa means kamana. At other places, I have heard saying that from kamana, arises sankalpa. Do they mean the same thing or different?  And are chintan and sankalpa the same thing ?
   I had these questions in me quite a long way back. But I always neglected them, and dealt carelessly. Now I thought its better have them resolved. Thanks you very much for the help.
Radhey Radhey