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Swamiji, it is easy to love or hate sansaar. Can you please throw some light on how to be neutral to what is happening around you?

Answer:  A healthy neutrality is always based on correct spiritual knowledge. You must know and deeply ponder upon a few important points:  
  1. You are the Divine soul, not the material body; therefore, you are eternally related to God, not the material world.
  2. Perfect happiness is in God, not the world.
  3. All material things are temporary, so don't consider them to be "yours". Just as a home owner is attached to "his/her" house, but a renter lives in the house without the feeling of attachment, we should live like the renter in this world.
  4. All people are seeking happiness in different ways. This is the driving force behind everything we do in the world. Therefore, if someone does something selfish or hurtful to us, we should not be surprised - it is the natural outcome of two different people looking for happiness in two different ways.
  5. Our goal is to attain God, but we have to live in this world to accomplish that. Therefore, we should be courteous and accommodating to others, increase our humbleness, and practice forgiveness and forbearance.
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