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Can we still please Guru if we have not obeyed his advice and acted as per mayic mind?

Question Detail: Radhey Radhey I have not ever implemented Maharaj ji's advice sincerely in my life. And can I make up for this ever? Can I ever reverse the effect? Is there a way?  
Answer: Radhey Radhey, None of us is perfect in following the spiritual guidelines - what we should aim for is continual improvement. If we were perfect, we would already be God-realized. The Guru knows this, and tries to inspire us to improve - he is not looking to punish us for our shortcomings. Of course, the more we sincerely follow the devotional guidelines, the more it pleases the Guru, because he sees the benefit we are receiving. It is just like a parent being pleased by their child's efforts and successes.  The main loss we suffer when we don't implement the teachings practically in our life is the loss of time. The time that has passed is gone forever, and whatever time we have left in this life is passing us by every moment. The Guru is far more aware than we are of what we have to gain by following the path of devotion, and what we stand to lose if we miss this chance. Therefore, it pains him to see us waste time, and it pleases him to see our sincere effort. Nikhilanand Bhaiya
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