mind being material runs into the material world…

Preacher Questions and Answersmind being material runs into the material world…
Avatar of mohit lakarmohit lakar asked 8 years ago

How can the material mind drift towards divine god totally? mind runs on its own to the material world. Is it possible that the material mind going to god all the time? what is it all about? Please explain this.

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Avatar of Pooja AnandPooja Anand Staff answered 8 years ago

Left to its own, mind will always go towards the world. This is because there is a natural affinity between the mind and the world, since both are mayic. Only by educating the mind about the fact that true happiness lies in God, not in the world, can the mind be diverted to God. The goal of all the mind’s activities and wanderings is the search for true happiness. So if it understands the location of true happiness, it will decide to go in that direction. This is how the mind can be turned towards God.