How can we do devotion while working

Preacher Questions and AnswersHow can we do devotion while working
Avatar of Jay PandeyJay Pandey asked 10 years ago
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Avatar of Deepak KulkarniDeepak Kulkarni answered 10 years ago

One simple trick for doing devotion while working is to set an alarm every hour to help you do your daily remembrance.  When the alarm rings, for that one second bring your mind to God, imagine that Krishna is standing right next to you, He is with you doing what you are doing or simply watching over you. Realize this for a few seconds every hour on the hour, every time the alarm goes, thats it!  You will be able to do devotion even while working… and without taking time away from work. 

Slowly your mind will get disciplined in remembering God while working and you wont need the help of an alarm, it will go there automatically.   Give this way a try and see how it can help you!