1. we do alot of karma in a day . how one can arpit all his karma to god ?

Preacher Questions and AnswersCategory: Questions1. we do alot of karma in a day . how one can arpit all his karma to god ?
Avatar of tarun mishratarun mishra asked 6 years ago
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Avatar of Pooja AnandPooja Anand Staff answered 6 years ago

If we understand that the aim of our life is God-realization, then we can perform all actions with that goal in mind. We perform certain actions every day related to our daily survival like eating, sleeping, working. We can offer all these karm or actions to God so we are not bound by their consequences. For example, you can offer food to God and eat it as His prasad. Also, you can think that I need to eat to keep my body healthy so I can do more devotion and seva to God. I am working because I need money to buy the basic necessities required for my body. Having acquired these necessities, I will use my time for doing devotion and service to God. Similarly, you need the sleep to rest your body so you can do devotion without any obstacles. 
So, perform all your actions and duties in the world while remembering God.
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