Opportunities at Radha Madhav Dham

In my last post I covered the extensive online resources for devotion, like Kripalu Bhakti Radio and other music apps. Today’s blog entry is about real-world resources unlike any others. Radha Madhav Dham has a lot of opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual development that you may not have anticipated or learned about. There are teaching prospects, internships, even basic volunteer programs to help out with our large events and operations. I’ve listed mostly opportunities related to our Summer and Winter Family Camp, since we are expecting a larger than average need this year. But I’d like to turn your attention first to…


“Discover yourself and the difference you can make over a summer. Jigyasa, an internship program at Radha Madhav Dham, is an unparalleled opportunity for a select group of qualified college students to learn the dynamics of a multifaceted organization, exhibit and enhance leadership skills by working on strategic projects that change lives and last lifetimes, and enjoy a summer bathed in a spiritually serene and culturally rich environment.”

This is a program specifically designed for college sophomores and above. Imagine: spending your summer at the ashram, working on projects like beautification, marketing and management, all from 240 acres of the beautiful Texas countryside. Some institutions may even accept it as credit!

Camp Counselor Program

“Here are some of the benefits to being a camp counselor:
-You’ll get hands on experience teaching, managing, and coordinating at a camp
-You’ll get to develop your leadership skills
-If you need volunteer/service hours for your organization, this is a great way to earn them
-It’ll look great on your resume/college application/job applications
-You’ll be working with kids from around the country”

Counselors are the backbone of our family camps. They help teachers, they coordinate playtime and events, they organize volunteers and help kids who are struggling. This is a great opportunity and leadership experience for children of all ages, and can count towards volunteer hours at your school!

Teach at our Summer and Winter Camps

“What we’re looking for: A teacher who can commit to the continuity and enrichment of our Hindu Family Camps, and keep coming back, year after year, camp after camp. We want someone to help us refine our curriculum, to help shape the Hindu youth of today with good values and a quality education.”

Education is one of our biggest goals at Radha Madhav Dham. Getting motivated, qualified teachers is a part of that. If you can spare one or two weeks this summer to come to camp, why not consider teaching as an option? Our students our wonderful, our classrooms incredible, and our curriculum is comprehensive beyond belief. There isn’t a teaching experience like this one on Earth.

The Guardian Program

“The Guardian Program at Radha Madhav Dham’s Hindu Family Camps enables children to attend the entire camp even if their parents aren’t able to attend. The success of the program depends on people like you.”

This opportunity is such a small one, and yet so large. Children whose parents are unable to attend can go to the camp under the auspices of a guardian, a recognized and certified adult who will be on hand to protect and monitor the child. Guardians could be neighbors, family members, friends from the camp, someone willing to be a parent to a minor for a week or two. The commitment is fairly small, but the impact to the camp, to the children, is immense.

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