Misconceptions Of Sanatan Dharm

Even though I am not an authority on authentic Sanatan Dharm, I have been blessed to learn the Divine philosophy from a spiritual authority like Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. The information I want to share is not my own, but comes straight from the Divine lips of Maharajji, whose unlimited grace constantly sheds wisdom onto all of the souls.

All over the world, misconceptions regarding Indian religion abound. In many quarters, circles, and societies, Sanatan Dharm is seen as pagan religion, with an emphasis on spirits, rituals, and something vaguely related to karm. Devotees are told they worship multiple gods, more than they can keep track of. This lack of understanding in the mainstream public does not stem from malicious intent, but mostly from ignorance. People just don’t know what bhaktas are about.

This, of course, is a subject of lively debate among adolescents, breeding innocent questions like, “Why do you guys worship – cows?” and “What’s that red dot on your forehead?” Occasionally, someone may directly challenge our beliefs, claiming to have converted vegetarians into meat-eaters, seeking similar results in ourselves. Such is the product of a materialistic age. The only way to change this is to spread a correct, authentic knowledge of Hinduism. To do that, we have to be confident in our own understanding.

My next posts are going to be covering a wide range of misconceptions about my religion, Sanatan Dharm, many of which I’ve already mentioned in this post. But I want to use this post to provide you with a preface, an introduction, for reference to future entries. As presumptuous and unnatural as it may seem to introduce my thoughts with a lengthy preamble, what is the Internet if not a forum for thought? And like any forum, any ideas put forward must be backed up.

I want to share this knowledge, because I know how important it has been to me. Bhagwan gave me the opportunity to grow up around a variety of people, some more accepting than others. I have faced prejudice, understanding, curiosity, and ignorance just as much as any other religious person, but I do not want to just share those stories. I want to show that Maharajji’s teachings have developed me into the person I am today, regardless of any worldly adversity.

What I am presenting in this blog is the knowledge that has removed the misconceptions from my mind and given me a clearer understanding of Hindu philosophy. I thank Kripaluji Maharaj for this. By sharing this here, my hope is that some of the readers may find a similar clarity and increase their own faith in their religion. If anyone finds this knowledge useful, I will feel rewarded in my efforts.

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