Message To Devotees

Dear Devotees,
Shyam Sundar is anxiously waiting to meet you, but you don’t know this. Even if you know this, you don’t accept it. Perhaps you are thinking, “Shree Krishna! and He wants to meet me? That’s nonsense.” That’s it. It’s this lack of conviction alone that, since eternity, has been an impediment in your unity with Shyam Sundar. The day you will accept that Shree Krishna is unconditionally Gracious and causelessly merciful, you will develop complete faith, that will be the golden auspicious moment for you.

You haven’t seen unconditionally gracious behavior anywhere in the world. This might be why you don’t have faith. If only you can accept that today and right now Shyam Sundar is impatiently yearning to meet you, then the same passionate feelings as Shyam Sundar will also manifest in your heart and mind, and you will attain Him. Thus, you should immediately strive to remove this doubt. It’s due to this very insignificant reason that everything else has been compromised.

Shyam Sundar observes and listens to fake and insincere roopdhyan (remembrance of form), chanting of Divine names and virtues with great enthusiasm and delight, and hopes that next time around a soul will wholeheartedly do roopdhyan and chant names and virtues. Now, understand this secret, and all your past flaws and failings will be repaired.

Shyam Sundar is such a close relation of yours that even your own soul isn’t that close. Eternal servitude of Shree Krishna alone is your ultimate goal. This servitude will be attained upon the attainment of Divine bliss. That Divine bliss will be attained with the Grace of Guru. That Grace of Guru will be attained upon total heart purification. Total heart purification will be achieved by practicing the devotional discipline prescribed by Guru. Have mutual feelings of surrender toward God and Guru.