Sharat Poornima (Jagadguruttam Jayanti) Intensive

Fri, Oct 27, 2023 - Sun, Oct 29, 2023

Timing of the Event

Fri, Oct 27 2023 – Sun Oct 29, 2023 Time: Friday, 5:30 pm- Sunday, 1:00 pm

The Divine Ascension day of our beloved Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj

This is a very important weekend for us, as we will be honoring Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj and commemorating the day that he a left the earth, ascending to his Divine abode.

We will be practicing complete silence during the weekend, which will be a new experience for many of us. By not speaking, we will be able to spend all of our time in remembrance of Hari and Guru, and we will keep what we gain on the inside, without letting it dissipate through external conversations. This can lead to a much deeper and more intense experience. Although it’s called “silent”, we will be having kirtan and lectures – we just won’t be talking to each other.

Jai Shree Radhey!