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Radhey Radhey Govinda

by Misha Sharma

Hare Ram Hare Krishna – Mahamantra

by Raseshwari Devi

Govinda Gopal Radhey Krishna

by Rishina Dobhal

Teri Meherbaani Ka

by Swami Nikhilanand

Hare Ram Hare Krishna – Mahamantra

by Raseshwari Devi


Aarti Madhuri 7 Tracks

Collection of all Aarti's and Prayers performed at Radha Madhav Dham Temple

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

Birajain singhasan Shyama, – Radha Rani is sitting on a jewelled gold throne,
Divya Shree Vrindavan dhama, – In the Divine abode, Vrindaban.

Dhuravain chanwar sughar bama, – Beautiful Gopis are gently fanning Her with the chanwar,

Palotain pag poorankama, – And self-complacent absolute brahm, Shree Krishn, is pressing Her lotus feet.

Lali pag ank, – Holding Her feet in His lap,

Chapi nih-shank, – And pressing them with great care,

Shyam janu rank, – Krishn finds Himself

Paya nidhi paras Pyari kee, ki Shree Barsanewari ki. – Like that luckiest poor person who is overthrilled with the excessive joy of finding a paras jewel.

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

Gaur sir kanak mukut rajai, – A jewel-studded golden crown is adorning Radha Rani’s head,

Chandrika charu suchavi chajai, – The beautiful chandrika is showing the splendor of its own,

Kutil kuntal ali bhal bhrajai, – And the charming beauty of Kishoriji’s black and curly hair,

Lakhat jehi shikhi kalap lajai, – Is abashing the beauty of the peacock’s pretty tail.

Mang sindoor, motiyan poor, – The parting of Her hair is docorated with sindoor (special red powder) and fine pearls,

Sajivan moor, – Whis is like the soul treasure,

Brahm Govardhandhari kee, ki Shree Barsanewari ki. – Of Brahm Govardhandhari Krishn.

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

Shravan bich karan-phool jhalkai, – The lovely pendants of Her ears are shining,

Nasika bich besar halkai, – The movement of Her nose pearl is elegant.

Nayan bich prem sudha chalkai, – The Divine love in Her eyes is overflowing,

Bandhu Bal ke lakhi lakhi lalkai, – And the brother of Balram, Shree Krishn, is admiring the lovingness of Her entrancing look.

Chapal nath-chamak, – The bright nose ring is cuddling Her nose,

 Dasan-duti damak, – Her teeth are shining,

Sumukhi-mukh-ramak, – Her face is glowing with the excessiveness of Her innocent beauty,

 Madhur musukani Sukumari kee, ki Shree Barsanewari ki, – And She is lovingly smiling.

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

 Motiyan lar ur mani mala, – Bead chains of sparkling pearls and precious gems are on Her neck,

Chibuk jhalkat ik til kala. – And a shimmering tiny black beauty spot is on Her chin.

Shambhu Shuk dai sang kar tala, – God Shiv, Shukdeo and others are clapping,

Lali gun gavati Brajbala. – And the Gopis of Braj are singing the songs of Her Glory.

Kabahun mukh murani, – Sometimes She turns Her face and looks to the Gopis (who are standing nearby),

Kabahun drig durani, – Sometimes She looks far beyond to the Gopis (who are standing in the back),

Kabahun drig jurani, – And sometimes, She looks into the eyes of Krishn,

Kabahun sudhi bhurani Bihari kee, ki Shree Barsanewari ki. – Which makes Him lose His conscousness in Her love.

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

Kinarin jarin neel sari, – The gold-bordered lovely blue sari on Her is ravishing,

Kanchuki kumkum rang wari, – The rosy pink blouse on Her body is charming.

Churi kar kankan manhari, – The elegance of fancy bracelets and bangles is fascinating,

Cheen kati kinkini chabi nyari. – And the beauty of the ornated waistband on Her thin waist is heart-captivating.

Payalani pagani, – She is waring anklets,

Mihavari lagani, – Her lotus feet are decorated with mahavar,

Bichuvani nagani, – And Her toes are bejewelled with cute little delicate diamond toe rings.

‘Kripalu’ Sukirti-Kumari kee, ki Shree Barsanewari ki. – In this way, Kirti Kumari Radhey, beautifully adorned, is sitting on the golden throne and Gopis are doing the arti.

Arti Bhanudulari kee, ki Shree Barsane wari ki. – I do the arti of Barsanewari Radhey, the loving daughter of King Brishbhanu.

This prayer is recited at the beginning of morning and evening satsang.

This homage is performed in the morning after the daily prayer.

This homage is performed in the evening, after the daily prayer.

This homage to Lord Krishna, composed by Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya, is performed after morning and evening homages.

Jayati Jagadguru Guruvar ki, – Glory to the Jagadguru, the leader of all Gurus.

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatest rasik Saint (the one who enjoys the highest state of Divine bliss).

Guru pad-nakh-mani-chandrika prakash, – Those who humbly remember such a Guru,

Jake ur base take moh tam nash, – Whoever holds it within, the darkeness of ignorance of their heart is dissipated.

Jake math Nath tav hath kar vas, – O my Gurudev! Whoever is under the protection of your Gracious hands,

Tate hoya maya moh sab hi niras. – The powerful maya and the eternal bondage of attachments cease to hold their grip on that soul,

Pave gati mati rati Radhavar ki, – And that fortunate devotee receives access (to the Divine abode), understanding (of Divine matters), and the experience (of the Divine bliss of Vrindaban).

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatest of all the rasiks.
Are man moodh! Chandu nari nar hath, – O ignorant mind! Leave the hope of worldly people.

Guru binu brahm Shyam hun na denge sath. – Without the guidance of a Guru, even brahm Krishn will not be able to help you enough (because guidance of a true Guru is necessary to reach God).

Komal Kripalu bade kripasindhu nath, – The Divine Saint is extremely kind and is the ocean of Grace.

Pake inhen aj tu anath ho sanath, – Seeking his guidance and protection you can attain your goal of God realization.

Inhin ke adhin kripa Giridhar ki, – It is he who will ensure the Grace of Krishn.

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatest of all the rasiks.

Bhaktiyog-ras-avatar abhiram, – He is the descension of the blissful nectar of Divine love.

Karen nigamagam samanvaya lalam. – Reconciling the theme of all the scriptures (Vedas and Shastras), he has showed us a simple and direct path to God realization.

Shyama Shyam nam roop leela gun dham, – The Bliss of the name, form, leelas, virtues, the Divine abode of Radha Krishn,

Banti rahe prem nishkam binu dam. – He is distributing to all without any price.

Ho rahi saphal kaya nari nar ki, – And the souls with receptive hearts are receiving the boon of their life.

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatist of the rasiks.

Lali Lal leela ka solona suvilas, – The loving playfulness of the leelas of Radha Krishn,

Chaya divya drishti bich prem ka prakash. – And the lively Divine glow of Their love is deeply imbued in the Divine eyes of the rasik Saint.

Vaisa hi vinod vahi manju mridu has, – His playfulness and sweet gentle smile is as Theirs,

Karen bas barbas ucch attahas. – His loud laugh entices the heart of the devotees,

Jhumi chalen chal vahi Natvar ki, – And his merrily walk reminds of the style of Natvar Krishn’s walk.

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatest of the rasiks.

Jayati Jagadguru Guruvar ki, – Glory to the Jagadguru, the leader of all Gurus.

Gavo mili arti rasikvar ki. – Let us sing the arti of the greatest of all the rasiks.



Arti Preetam Pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari ki. – I do the arti of our beloved eternal couple of Vrindban, Radha (Nathwari) and Krishn (Banwari).

Duhun sir kanak mukut jhalkey, – Jewelled gold crowns are shining on Their foreheads,

Duhun shruti kundal bhal halkey, – Playful ear-pendants are glorifying Their ears,

Duhun drig prem sudha chalkey. – And the sweet nectar of Divine love is overflowing from Their eyes.

Chaseeley bain, – Their voice is pleasing,

Raseeley nain, – Their eyes are loving,

Gaseeley sain, – Their look is intoxicating,

Duhun mainan manhari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari kee. – And Their beauty is fascinating the god of Beauty himself.

Arti Preetam Pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari ki. – I do the arti of our beloved eternal couple of Vrindban, Radha (Nathwari) and Krishn (Banwari).

Duhuni drig chitwani par wari, –The style of Their look is adorable,

Duhuni lat latkani chabi nyari, – The fall of Their curly hair is beautiful,

Duhuni bhaun matkani ati pyari. – And the movement of Their eyebrows (when They look towards each other or the Gopis) is loveable.

Rasan mukh pan, – Their lips are pink (with juice of betel leaves),

Hansan muskan, – They are smiling,

Dasan damkan, – Their teeth are shining,

Duhuni besar chabi nyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari kee. – And the movement of Their nose-pearls (when They talk to each other) is bewitching.

Arti Preetam Pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari ki. – I do the arti of our beloved eternal couple of Vrindban, Radha (Nathwari) and Krishn (Banwari).

Eak ur peetambar phahrey, – Krishn is wearing a flashing yellow silk peetambar,

Eak ur neelambar lahrey, – Radha is wearing a dashing blue sari,

Duhun ur lar motin chahrey. – And Both are wearing sparkling pearl chains.

Kankanan khanak, – The tinkling of Their bangles,

Kinkinin jhanak, – The tingling of their Their ornamented waistbelts, and

Noopurun bhanak, – And the jingling of Their anklets,

Duhun runjhun dhuni pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari kee. – Produce a soul captivating melodious resonance.

Arti Preetam Pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari ki. – I do the arti of our beloved eternal couple of Vrindban, Radha (Nathwari) and Krishn (Banwari).

Eak sir mor mukut rajey, – The peacock-feather diadem on the head of Krishn is beautiful,

Eak sir choonari chabi chajey, – The fall of the choonari on the head of Shree Radhey is lovely,

Duhun sir tirchey bhal bhrajey. – And the slant of Their heads towards each other is glorious.

Sang Braj bal, – Surrounded by the Gopis,

Ladli Lal, – Radha and Krishna,

Banh gal dal, – Having Their arms around the neck of each other,

Kripalu Duhun drig chari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari kee. – Are lovingly exchanging Their glances with one another.

Arti Preetam Pyari kee, ki Banwari Nathwari ki. – I do the arti of our beloved eternal couple of Vrindban, Radha (Nathwari) and Krishn (Banwari).

Dainya Madhuri 6 Tracks

A collection of chants or pad kirtans on the subject of humbleness. Humbleness is the foundation upon which all devotional feelings develop. When we are humble, we are tolerant and forgiving, we recognize our shortcomings, and begin to understand how these disrupt our spiritual progress. Dainya Madhuri kirtans help develop the devotional feelings necessary to shed selfless tears of longing for God. These selfless tears of longing for Him attract His divine grace upon us.

Hamari Or Tuk Hero Ri Kishori Radhey

by Braj Chakori Devi

Hamari or tuk hero ri Kishori Radhey – (A devotee says) O my Kishori Radhey!  Please look towards me (with Your loving eyes).

Yadyapi bhalibhanti haun janat – Although I undoubtedly believe that,

Tum binu hitu na mero ri Kishori Radhey – O Kishori Radhey! There is no one (in this world) who truly cares for me, except You,

Tadapi rasik-jan kahi na manat – But I am so mindless that I do not follow the advice of rasik Saints,

Rahat vishai ko chero ri Kishori Radhey! – And, O Kishori Radhey! I remain a slave of my own desires.

Par ninda, par dosh kathan men – Looking into the faults of other devotees and criticizing them,

Chatur vichitra chitero ri Kishori Radhey! – O Kishori Radhey, I am very good in that (and feel happy doing so).

Karat nam aparadh nirantar – In this way I keep committing spiritual transgressions.

Hiya hankar ghanero ri Kishori Radhey! – And, O Kishori Radhey, I have thus accumulated a lot of pride in my heart.

Bat banavat Braj-rasikan ki – Although I proudly talk in the style of rasik Saints (when discussing spiritual matters with others),

Man kamadi basero ri Kishori Radhey! – But O Kishori Radhey! You know that my heart is the residence of all the mayic weaknesses such as lust, greed, anger etc.

Nam Kripalu kam tum janat – O Radhey! From the outside I appear to be good to others, but You know my pitiable internal status. Still,

Bhalo buro jas tero ri Kishori Radhey! – O my kid hearted Radhey! You are my only hope.  Whatever I am, good or bad, I am yours.

Din ki dun lo deenanath – O Deenanath, the Lord of the Meek and Humble! Hear this cry of one who is destitute.

Sadhanahin malin chhin haun, sab vidhi nath! Anath – I am incapable of my arduous spiritual endeavor, am extremely sinful and utterly helpless.

Shraddhaabal-sambal nahin nekahun, nahin santan ko saath – I do not have the slightest support in the form of strong faith or Saintly association.

Burat haun bhavasindhu dayamaya! Pakari lehu ab haath – I am drowning in the ocean of material existence. Extend Your merciful hand to grasp mine.

Saat svarg apavarg na maangat, rah tav pad mam maath – I do not desire the seven types of celestial worlds, nor do I desire liberation. I just want to rest my head at Your lotus feet forever.

Dai nij prem kripalu ‘kripaluhin’, kariye naath sanaath – Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Oh Merciful Lord! Bless me with Your selfless love and make me Your personal servant.”

Nath! Aba budata lehu bachaya – Oh Lord! I am drowning in the ocean of this world. Please save me at once.

Ati aghada bhava sindhu dayanidhi! Ora chhora nahin paya – Oh ocean of mercy! This ocean of world is so deep that it is impossible to fathom its depth or see the other end.

Vividha vasana tunga-tarangani, banyon khilauna haya! – I have become like a toy tossed by extremely high waves of various material desires.

Putra, kalatra, mitra adika je, kachchha machchha bani khaya – All who are called near and dear ones – son, wife, friend, etc. are eating me up like tortoises and large fish.

Lai jalayaana tera guru-kevata, sou mohin makara lakhaaya – If by some great fortune, a real Saint, in the form of a boatman with a boat, calls me out for helping me due to his causelessly merciful nature, He too, is looked upon me as a crocodile because of my own false pride (ego).

Laagu gohaari bachaau ‘kripaluhin’, tuma kripalu yaduraaya -Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj says “Oh Lord! Listen to my call at once and run to rescue me from drowning in this unfathomable ocean because Your name is ‘Kripalu’ which means merciful.”

Mohin Swamini! Aba apanaiye – Oh my Swamini Vrishbhanudulari! Please accept me, too, as Your own.

Shri barsane dhama apune, mohum kahim basaiye – Bless even me with eternal residence in Your divine abode, Barsana.

Palaka panvade pantha bichhaun, jaba jaiya ya aiye – Whenever You go or come from somewhere, I will spread the carpet of my eye-lids on Your path.

Deun buhari rasa mandalamahan, rasa karanajahan jaiye – I will sweep-clean the place which You go for the rasa dance.

Avana deun na madanamohanahun, jaba manini pada paiye – Whenever You will be in the state of mana, I will not let Shyamsundar come near You.

Apanihin dasihin mani ‘kripaluhin’, bareka mohin bulaiye
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj says “I cherish only this one desire that, considering me as Your maid, You call me by my name for any of Your services at least once.”

Hamari sudhi leejo bhanudular,  – (A devotee humbly begs of Shri Radha,) “Oh Shri Radhey! Please  consider my piteous condition as well.

Hamare kachhu sadhana-bala nahin, ati jada, kutila, labara – I am altogether devoid of the resources of the path of ritualistic Vedic actions, the path of yoga, etc. I am extremely stubborn, evil-minded, and uncivilized.

Bhramata udara hita nama-ota nita, jyon kukara saba dwara – I use Your name to fulfill my worldly needs and go begging from door to door like a street dog.

Samujhata jagata rasika mohin sancho, tuma ura jananihara – Innocent people of this world think of me as a genuine Saint, but oh, Kishori Ji! You alone know the real condition of my heart.

Sunyon kana patitana apanavati, sharana gaye sukumara – I have heard from the rasik Saints that even if the greatest sinner faithfully surrenders himself unto You, You make him Your own forever.

Puni kripalu kyon bhaim nithura aba, eka ‘kripaluhin’ bara – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji says, “If this is true, why have You become so stern just with me? Even an ordinary soul knows You to be innocent and simple.”

Krishna Madhuri 7 Tracks

Krishna Madhuri is a collection of pads and kirtans that lucidly describe the divine beauty, virtues, charms and pastimes of Shree Krishna.

Dekhu Sakhi! Jhoomat Avat Shyam – (A Gopi says) Look, my dear friend!  Walking leisurely Shyam Sundar Krishna is coming this way.

Gati-madmatt-gayand lajavat, manbhavat Brajbam – The elegance of His walk defies the walk of a youthful elephant  and it delights the hearts of the Gopis.

Jhuki jhuki jhonke khati chandrika, jhuki greev dishi bam – The peacock feather of His coronet is swaying with the movement of His gait and His neck is leaning towards the left.

Mukh avat puni puni lat kari, ghunghrari abhiram – His beautiful shiny black curls are falling onto his face off and on.

Murali madhur bajaya bulavat, lai lai sakhiyan nam – And He is calling the Gopis by their names through the sweet sound of His flute.

Lakhi Kripalu anupam chabi lajat, koti koti shat kam – The Gopi says that on one single view of this incomparable beauty (of my beloved Krishna), the beauty of billions of Kamdevas (celestial gods of beauty) could be trashed.

Matwari pyari chaal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, has a charming gait.

Jaake lochan rasaal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, has sweet loving eyes.

Jaake hont laal laal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, has beautiful reddish color lips.

Pyaro pyaro Nandlal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, is the sweet son of Nandbaba.

Main to hwai gai maalaamaal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, filled me with the wealth of love.

Mero sancho yaar Gupal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, is my only real and true Beloved.

Jaake dar dar kaal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda is feared by death himself.

Jaake nile nile gaal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, has bluish cheeks.

Jaako ghunghar waale baal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishna, the son of Yashoda, has curly locks of hair.

Naache Gopi jan taal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, dances on the clapping of the Gopis’ hands.

Binu kaaran kripal, mero Yashuda ko Lal – My loving Krishn, the son of Yashoda, is Gracious without any cause or demand.

Dhanpi mukh kamari ruthe lal – Nandlal has covered His face with His blanket and is acting upset.

Uthahu lalbela gochaaran, dvaar teri rahe gvaal – (Cajoling Him, Mother Yashoda says,) “Get up Lala. It is time to take the cows to graze and Your friends are at the door calling out for You.”

Kaisehun uthat na, uthat na bolat, risa bhaunhana bal bhaal – At first He does not get up. When He does, He does not speak and anger is evident in His knitted brows.

‘Baat kahi kin kaha?’ Maatu kaha, uthi bole tatakaal – Then Maiya asks Him, “Tell me Lala, what has someone said to You?” Immediately Shyamsundar said,

‘Sunnu maiya! Mote kah bhaiya’, imi kahi rudat gupaal – “Listen Mother, Bhaiya tells Me…” and saying this He bursts in to tears.

Binu pitu maatu apu kah mo kahan, hansat gvaal dai taal – “He says I have no mother or father and all our cowherd friends laugh and clap at this.

Baba tohin paro paayokahun, kahan laun kahaun kuchaal – He says that Baba just found Me somewhere. I cannot even begin to tell you how badly they behave with Me.

Tu maiya! Musakaati baat suni, hai yaame kachhu jaal – And Maiya, even you are smiling on hearing this and makes Me think that there must be something to what they say.”

Jo jas hota ‘Kripalu’ kahat tas, yashumati kaha sunu lal – Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, “Mother Yashoda pacifies Shyamsundar by saying, ‘My Lala, pay no attention to what they say. People think about others, what they think about themselves. (In other words, Balram is also a Personality like You, without a father and mother.)”


Hamaro rasika rangilo Shyam –  Our Shyamsundar is the crest jewel of rasiks.

Indranilamani- neel kalevara, lakhi laajata shata kaama – Seeing His blue-complexioned body, which is extremely beautiful like the blue sapphire, inumerable Kamadevas feel embarrassed.

Chhalakata prema sudhaarasa chitavani, mridu musakani abhiraama – There always overflows the nectar of love from His side-glances and His sweet smile is excessively pleasing to the heart.

Madhura madhura dhuni benu bajaavata, mana bhaavata brajabhaama – Playing sweet melodies in His flute, He steals the hearts of the maidens of Braj.

Kabahun sakhana sanga kabahun sakhina sanga, viharata aathon yaama – He performs divine sports day and night, sometines with His cowherd friends and sometimes with the maidens of Braj.

Lakhata ‘Kripalu’ shambhu shuka jhanki, Shri Vrindavana Dhama – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj Ji says that Bhagwan Shankar and Shukadeva paramhans always feed their eyes with Shyamsundar’s incomparable and indescribable beauty in Vrindavan.

Anupam roop, neelmani ko ri – Absolutely ineffable is the beauty of the sapphire-complexioned Shri Krishna!

Ura dhari kara kari haya! Girata soi, lakhata baara ika bhulehun jo ri – Whosoever beholds His bewitchingly beautiful form even once, even by mistake, falls on the ground in a swoon, placing his hand on his heart and exclaiming ‘oh!’ being unable to bear its boundless bliss.

Prati angani chhavi koti anangani, sushamaa-sudha-saara-rasa bori – So steeped is Shyamsundar in the very essence of the nectar of beauty that innumerable Kamdevas can be sacrificed on every part of His body.

Jinahina angani nainana nirakhata, tinahina kahan kaha, saras bado ri – Another unique thing about His enthralling beauty is that whichever part of His body the eyes see, they experience that part to be lovelier than other parts.

Nakha shikha lakhi sakhi ankhiyan hum te, pala pala talaphati dekhana ko ri – Yet another incredible reality is that even after ceaselessly seeing Him from top to toe, the eyes continue to crave every moment for seeing Him again and again.

Kaha ‘Kripalu’ gaagara mahan saagara, aava na yatana karora karo ri – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj says that it is impossible to contain the ocean of divine bliss in the pitcher of material senses, mind, and intellect, even by innumerable means.

Leela Madhuri 4 Tracks

Leela Madhuri is a collection of kirtans that describe the pastimes (leelas) of Radha Krishna. The charming stories of their pastimes make it very easy for a devotee to engage their mind in loving remembrance of Radha Krishna

Yugalvar, jhulani ki balihar – (A Gopi says) Balihar to this vision of of my beloved couple, Radha-Krishna swinging on a swing in a beautiful kunj.

Nagari aru Nagar jhuki jhoomat, bhal galbahin dar – The all virtuous Radha and Krishna, having Their arm around the neck of each other, are merrily swinging and leaning backward and forward as the swing moves.

Umadi ghumadi ghan garjat chamkati, chapla barambar – The dark rain clouds (of Divine Vrindaban, excited with the swinging leela of Radha Krishna) are covering the leela ground, and are happily thundering and frequently lightning (which is intensifying the charming glow of Radha Rani’s ornaments).

Pancham sur son taan alapati, gavat sakhin malar – Taking melodious taan in a high pitch tone, Gopis (to exhilarate the Bliss of the leela) start to sing a loving song in malar rag* in very sweet voices.

Gavat hi ghan barsan lage, bheejat dou Sarkar – A soon as the Gopis start singing, the clouds begin to rain and Both Beloveds start to soak in the rain water.

Dhani ‘Kripalu’ so banki jhanki, dhani jin tahi nihar – (The Gopi finally says) Glory to this vision and glory to those who get to see this vision.

*Note: Malar rag is a particular melody of singing a song in certain notes which make it particularly suitable for a joyous occasion – especially when there is mild thundering weather with rain laden clouds and a slight drizzle.)

Naam Sankirtan 12 Tracks

Saints tell us that in the present time (also known as kalyug), the easiest way to do devotion to God is to sing the name of God. In the very name of God is imbued their Grace and so when a devotee takes their name with utmost faith and love, they will feel an intimate closeness with their Divine beloved. This collection of chants are easy way to inspire your devotion, just sing along in loving remembrance

Hare Ram Hare Krishna – Mahamantra

by Raseshwari Devi

Radhey Radhey, Shree Radhey Radhey Radhey

by Shree Maharaj Ji

Radhey Radhey, Shree Radhey Radhey Radhey

Radhey Radhey Radhey Radhey Radhey

Gao chin chin naam Radhey – Sing the name of Radhey all the time.

Dhyao chin chin roop Radhey – Meditate on the Divine form of Radhey all the time.

Mangu bhukti na mukti Radhey – O Radhey, I do not ask you for worldly pleasures or even liberation.

Mangu tav pad prem Radhey – O Radhey, I only ask You for the love of Your lotus feet.

Maya vash mein to bhula Radhey – O Radhey, I have forgotten you since eternity due to being under the control of maya.

Tu ne kahe bhulaya mohin Radhey – But O Radhey, how is it that you have also forgotten me?

Mera bal Tera naam Radhey – O Radhey, my only strength is Your name.

Kou din aana hoga tohin Radhey – O Radhey, one day You will certainly come to me.

Hamaro Dhan Radha Krishn Radha Krishn Radha

Radhey Radhey Govind Govind Radhey

Radhey Radhey Radhey Radhey

Shree Radhey Radhey Govind Govind Radhey

Mere Nandandan mere Nandanandan

Apna banale mohin mere Nandanandan


Kripa karu kripa karu kripa karu Radhey

Radha Madhuri 8 Tracks

This collection of chants and pad kirtans describe the supreme divine beauty, innocence and all-loving graceful nature of Shree Radha Rani who is the soul essence of Shree Krishna and absolute supreme form of divine love.

Bali Jaun Lali Vrishbhan ki – (A Gopi says) I lovingly worship and adore the seet daughter of Vrishbhanu, Shree Radha Rani.

Roop ujari Bhanudulari, pranan-pyari Kanha ki – Bhanudulari Radhey is sole-loving to Krishna.  She entices and beatifies the entire Vrindaban.

Rati-ras-batan bitvati rattan, ghatan neh sujan ki –  Spending nights in loving talks with Krishna, She amazes Him with Her exceeding knowledge of loving secrets (as She is the absolute origin of Divine love and all loving leelas).

Gati gajgamini, chabi abhiramini, duti damini unman ki – Walking gracefully She defies ‘beauty’ itself with Her beauty, and the natural glow of Her fair body reveals Her prominence like the lightning in the sky.

Manju-nikunjani bhringani-punjani, gunjani suni kiya maan ki – Hearing the buzzing noise of a group of bumblebees flying on the blossoming trees of the kunj, sometimes Radha enters into the ecstacy of maan. (This line refers to the ‘bhramar geet’ in the Bhagwatam.)

Ham ‘Kripalu’ Manini lakhi Swamini, karat nichavar pran ki – (The Gopi finally says) I sacrifice my whole being on that sweet, innocent an loving beauty of my Swamini Radha Rani’s maan (because in that state, Her love for Krishna appears in a new style and with a new charm.

Nathwari rangeeli mahal wari

Nathwari Radha lives in Rangeeli Mahal in Barsana.

Soi Radha Vrindavan wari

My Radha Rani’s abode is in Divine Vrindavan.

Soi Man Mohan mohan wari

She entices the heart of Man Mohan Krishn.

Ankhiyan kajrari matwari

Her black eys are very intoxicating.

Nasa nath besar chavi wari

The beauty of Her nose ring and besar is indescribable.

Pag payal runjhun dhuni wari

Her anklets are making a melodious jingling sound.

Jehi lakhi Banwari jaya balihari

Seeing Her, Krishn loses His consciousness.

Jo Pyare te pyari pyari

She is more loving than Beloved Krishn.

Jehi seven mor mukut dhari

Krishn, who wears peacock feather diadem serves Radha.

Jehi rijhvat Hari ban manihari

Krish disguises Himself as a bangle-selling girl to amuse Her.

Jehi charan palotain Giridhari

Giridhari Krishn presses Her lotus feet.

Wari Banke Bihari bhi wari wari

Even Banke Bihari Krishn sacrifices His whole being on Radha.

Pyari gun gaaven muralihin Banwari

Banwari Krishn sings the glory and virtues of Radha in His flute.

Jo binu kaaran ‘Kripalu’ pyari

My Beloved Radha is causelessly Gracious.

Maya! Mohin sakhiyan bahut chirhaya – (Little Kishori Ji says in great irritation)
“Mother! My friends rease Me a lot.

Kahati sagaali hoti jaasu tav, so kaaro tanu aya – They say I have been engaged to Someone who is black in color.

Ham sab ki to kari sagali, gore tanu mam maya – Our mothers have gotten us engaged to fair boys.

Jo yah sanchu maya! Nahin karihaun, kabahaun sagai vaya – If this is true, I will never get engaged.”

Bare bhaye lali! Sab kaare,gore tanu bani jaya –  Kirti Maiya said, “Oh when they grow up, all black-complexioned boys will become fair-complexioned.”

Tab to maya! Sabai gore tanu, kaaro tanu puni paya – Little Kishori Ji said, “Then all the fair boys must become black-complexioned, too.”

Haam ri kunvari! Sancha yah, tab to, jaihain sakhi khisiyaay – Kirti Maiya said “Yes, Kunvari! That is true.” Kishori Ji said, “Then all these friends of Mine will be so embarrassed when they grow up.”

Kaha ‘Kripalu’ kaaro tanu amahun, jehi bhagavaan bataaya – Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says “Oh Lali! Even Lord Rama, whom all the Saints declare ro be God, is dark-complexioned.”

Rangeeli Radha Rasikan Pran – Shri Radha is the very life of the rasikas.

Saras kishori ki rasbori, bhori mridu muskan – The smile of blissful Kishori Ji is extremely mellow, innocent, and sweet.

Subaran baran gaur tanu subaran, neel baran paridhan – She has a radiantly beautiful golden complexion and is wearing a blue sari.

Kanakan mukut latani ki latakani, bhrikutina kutila kamaan – Her golden crown, Her beautiful curly tresses, Her rainbow-shaped eyebrows are all maddeningly infatuating.

Kanakan kankan kanakan kinking, kanakan kundal kaan  –The golden kankans around Her wrists, the golden ornate waistband around the waist and the golden earrings in Her ears forcefully captivate the hearts of onlookers.

Lakhi laajat shringaar ladalihin, kahan laun kariya bakhaan – Her adornments are so exquiaite that even Beauty seems to be faded before them.

Hota ‘Kripalu’ nichhaavar jaapar, sundar shyama sujaan – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj Ji says, “The greatest thing is that even Shyamsundar, whose beauty captivates even Kamdev, the god of beauty, is captivated by Kishori Ji.”

Kishori! Tore, charanan ki bali jaun – Oh Kishori Ji! I sacrifice my ‘everything’ on Your lotus feet.

Jin yug-charan-arunim-upam, pachihari nahin paun –  I have tried to find a simile in this world to describe the tender redness of these feet, but all my efforts have been in vain.

Japaa, gulaal, pravaal aadi ki, upamaa deta lajaaun – I feel ashamed to compare them with the redness of an indravaduti (a very soft, red, velvety insect), gulaal and the new and tender leaves of a mango tree, etc.

Mridutaa men gulaab navani ki, samataa lakhi na sakaaum – How can I liken he infinite softness of Your lotus-feet to the bland softness of the petals of a rose and the gentleness of butter?

Jin charanan ko chaapat hari nit, kaa mahimaa main gaaum – What glories can I sing of those feet that are always served even by the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna?

Yaha ‘Kripalu’ ki chaaha rain-din, charanan dhyaan lagaaun – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj prays to Shri Radha, “My only desire is to meditate day and night on Your lotus feet alone!”


Hamari alabeli sarkar – Our Swamini, Shri Kishori Ji, is the final limit of divine love bliss.

Rasik rangili guna garvili, rasikan ki rijhvar – A  source of bliss to the rasiks, She is the reservoir of all the greatest virtues and please the hearts of rasiks always.

Vidhi nishedha, maryada eda ki, rahati na yehi darabaara – The prohibitions and injunctions of the Vedas do not have any entry in Her court.

Triguna, trikarma, tritapa nasaavati, deti prema-upahara – After destroying Her devotees three modes of mayasattva, raj and tam, the three types of binding actions – past, present, and accumulated, and also the triad of pain – extrinsic, intrinsic and superhuman, Kishori Ji blesses him with selfless Divine Love.

Palaka dhaanpi rakhata putarina jyon, pranata bhaya ika baara –   The one who surrenders oneself to Her, even once, is loved by Her extremely, and is always protected exactly in the same way as one protects the pupils of one’s eyes by covering them with the eyelids.

Darata ‘Kripalu’ jaasu dara Giridha, so hamara rakhavara – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj says that Kishori Ji, who is feared even by the Supreme Lord, by the fear of whom even fear trembles with fear, alone is our protectress, our unique and indescribable sweet Swamini.

Sadguru Madhuri 7 Tracks

The necessity of the Guru is described in all Hindu scriptures. Without the divine guidance and grace of the Guru, it is impossible for a soul to cross the ocean of maya and attain God. These chants describe the importance of Guru and help a devotee surrender their hearts and minds to such a divine guide.

Mere Guruvar Pyare, Mere Giridhar Pyare – My Divine beloveds are my respected and loving Guru and Shri Krishna (Giridhar).

Joi Guruvar Pyare, Soi Giridhar Pyare – My Divine Guru and Shri Krishna are one and the same.

Jahan Guruvar Pyare, Tahan Giridhar Pyare – Wherever my Divine Guru resides, there Shri Krishna also resides.

Bhaj Guruvar Pyare, Bhaj Giridhar Pyare – Devote yourself to and serve both the Divine Guru and Shri Krishna.

Ur Guru dharu pyare, Ur Hari dharu pyare – Keep both the Guru and Shri Krishna in your heart at all times.

Guru kaha Hari Pyare, Hari kaha Guru Pyare – The Guru says that Hari (Krishna) is his beloved and Shri Krishna says that the Guru is His beloved.

Guru, Govind Bhagwan ki Jai! – Glory to the Divine Guru and the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna!

Hamaro aiso hain rakhvar – (Inebriated with the love and grace of his Spiritual Master, a disciple says,)The one who protects me is such a Guru,

Jaiso hain nahin sakal vishva mahan, kou samarath sarkaar – Who is unequalled in the whole world in power and position.

Tini lok anuchar rah jin ko, vidhi harihar karataar –  Just think that Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar are said to be the governors of the three worlds,

Sou anuchar Shree Mahavishnu kahan, jo kamala bharataar – But they are only the servants of Mahavishnu, the husband of Kamala,

Sou Shri Mahavishnu anuchar jin, tina kah Nandkumar – And Mahavishnu in turn, is the servant of Nandkumar (Shree Krishn).

Sou ‘Kripalu’ anuchar jin soi guru, kah bhagavat pukaar – Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Maharaj Ji says, “That Supreme Lord Shyamsundar Himself is the servitor of Guru, such is the declaration of the Bhagvat purana.”

Bali shree gurudev kripal ki – (A devotee s paying his obeisances to his Spiritual Master) I sacrifice my ‘everything’ on my merciful Guru.

Jinake divya vachana sunk chhutat, granthi avidya-jaal ki – By listening to His divine teachings, the knots of ignorance are cut asunder.

Jinake varad-hast ke sanmukh, chal na chaal kali-kaal ki – On being blessed with His grace, one is not affected by the evil effect of Kaliyug (the age of darkness) even in the least.

Jinake banat bigaari sakat nahin, maya shakti gupaal ki – After becoming a servitor of Him, one remains absolutely safe from the invincible power of God (maya)

Jinake yugal-charan parsat man, paavat rati nandlal ki –  And by merely touching His lotus-feet with devotion, one is blessed with the love of Shyamsundar.”

Lakhat ‘Kripalu’ anugrah guru ke, leela ladli lal ki – Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Maharaj Ji says “Through the grace of my Guru, I am able to drink the nectar of the ever-new leelas of Shri Radha Krishna.”

Sadhana Shivir 9 Tracks

Samples from the dozens of beautiful live meditational chantings sung at Radha Madhav Dham during the recent Annual Summer Sadhana Shivir (Two Week Devotional Intensive from June 29-July 12, 2014). Complete mp3 versions and collections available for purchase through RMD Shop.

Ramayan Verses

Tu Hi Meri Main Bhi Teri

Radhey Radhey Govind Govind Radhey

Jai Radhey Jai Krishna Jai Vrindaban

Hari Hari Bol

Hamaro Dhan Radha

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Govind Jai Jai , Gopal Jai Jai, Radha Raman Hari Govind Jai Jai

Dhanya Prem Gopijan Tribhuvan, puran brahm jasu bharmavat. – (A rasik Saint says:) Glory to the love of the Gopis in the entire creation (tribhuvan) that has indebtingly encharmed the absolute brahm, Krishn.

Jo asankhya-brahmand srijat so, Braj ahir Nandpoot kahavat. – (Such is the greatness of Gopis’ love that:) The one Who creates the (entire universe with) uncountable brahmandas (planetary systems),  is only called the son of Nandbaba of Braj (which is only a district in India).

Jinki neku yogmaya te, jagat niyantrit iti shruti gavat. – A mere touch of Whose yogmaya (the supreme personal power) controls and manages the whole universe, as sung by the Vedas.

Unko mahari, pakari karangurin, nij angan chalibo sikhravat. – Mother Yashoda, holding the finer of the same brahm, Krishn, in her courtyard, is teaching Him how to walk.

Jinki kripa-kor Bidhi, Hari, Har, koti kalp tap kari nahin pavat. – A ray of Whose Grace, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv cannot receive even after doing devotional austerity for millions of kalpas (one kalpa is 4.32 billion earth years).

Unko jhataki pataki godi te, bhaunh tani Nandrani ruavat. –  Mother Nandrani, scolding the same brahm, Krishn, and angrily putting Him down from her lap, is making Him cry in tears.

Jinki nam gunavali leela, bhav bandhan chan mahin chutavat. – The potency of Whose names, virtues and leelas releases the eternal bondage of maya of the souls in a moment.

Unko matu bandhi ukhal te, lai santi kar ati darpavat. – Mother Yashoda, tying up the same brahm, Krishn with the huge wooden pounding pot (ukhal), is scaring Him with a tiny stick in her hand. (This happened when once little Krishn ate some soil, but He denied it to His mother.)

Jinki ati vichitra maya te, Naradadi ko gyan bhulavat. – Whose extremely powerful and amazing maya confounds the great rishis like Naradji etc.

Unko dekhiya Braj murali hit. Gopin age drig jhari lavat. – The same (all knowing, all pervading) brahm Krishn, in Braj, is ignorantly crying before the Gopis and asking them as to who has taken His flute.

Jinki bhrikuti takati bani dasi, so maya jo sabahin nachavat. – Whose powerful maya dominatingly governs all the beings (from human to gods) in its realm, and always fearfully looks to Him like a meek and most obedient maidservant.

Unko ab ‘Kripalu’ Radhey ju, kreet-das kari pag palutavat. – Our Radhey Rani has made (the same supreme God) Krishn Her eternal servant Who always presser Her feet most happily.


Siddhant Madhuri 4 Tracks

The collection of kirtans in Siddhant Madhuri teach the essence of Hindu philosophy, so that while listening and chanting the mind can also learn and contemplate upon the most essential elements of spiritual philosophy. This helps enable one to firmly understand why devotion is necessary and how it must be performed.

Jo piya ruchi mahan ruchi rakhe, prem ras soi chakhe re – The Bliss of Divine love is tasted by the one who desires to fulfill the wish of his Divine beloved;

Jehi karm na nekahun bhave re – Who does not like observances of various rites and rituals;

Jehi gyanhun nahin suhave re – And who is not interested in the practice of gyan.

Jo yog duri kari rakhe, prem ras soi chakhe re – The Bliss of Divine love is tasted by one who is away from the practice of yog (as a means of God realization);

Jo swarg, narak sam jane re – Who considers celestial abodes equally bad and binding as hell;

Jo mukti pishachini mane re – And who considers ‘liberation’ as a demoness which devours the chance of experiencing Divine love.

Nahin riddhi siddhi ur rakhe, prem ras soi chakhe re – The Bliss of Divine love is experienced by the one who never wishes to have yogic powers or name, fame and mayic luxuries of any kind and limit;

Jo madhur bhav apnave re –  who adores Radha-Krishna with gopi bhao (madhurya bhao).

Yamey charihun bhav samave re – In which all the four bhao are naturally included.

Jo nij sukh ur nahin rakhe, prem ras soi chakhe re – The Bliss of Divine love is experienced by the one who relinquishes his personal desires for the sake of Divine service;

Jehi Hari Harijan hi bhave re – Who only desires to serve Krishna and His rasik Saints;

Kahun anant na tuk man lave re – And whose mind is not attached anywhere in the world.

Jo ur ‘Kripalu’ Hari rakhe, prem ras soi chakhe re – The Bliss of Divine love is experienced only by those who always keep Gracious Radha-Krishna in their heart.

Are man! Chaar dina ki baat – Oh mind! The opportunity you have is just for a few days,

Nara-tanu sharad chandani beete, puni andhiyari raat – Because once the fleeting autumnal full moon in the form of the human body passes away, the long dark night of the remaining species of life is bound to follow.

Tu sovat kachhu jaanat nahin, kaal lagaay ghaat – Lost in the slumber of ignorance, you are totally unaware of the onslaughts of time.

Tajat na neend yadapi vishayan ke, chhina chhina jute khaat – You refuse to abandon this slumber, in spite of the repeated sufferings caused by your desires of material objects.

Avsar chuki phiriya chaurasi, kara minjat pacchitaat – If you lose this opportunity, you will wander in the eighty-four lakh species of life repenting about how you wasted this life.

Rasikani kahi ‘Kripalu’ maanu gahu, yugal charan jalajaat – Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj instructs the wayward mind, “Therefore, take the advice of Rasik Saints and surrender yourself at the lotus feet of Shri Radha Krishna.”


Are man! Avsar beetyo jat – Oh mind! The golden opportunity that you have, is slipping away.

Kaal-kaval vasha vidhi hari, har sab, tori kaha bisaat – Even the governors of the universe – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar, fall prey to time, what to speak of you.

Lahi paaras nara-tanu sura-durlabh, gunjan-hit bhatakaat – Even after acquiring a touchstone in the form of the human body, rare to attain even by the celestial gods, you are roaming around pursuing worthless material objects.

Badhir andh jimi sunat na dekhat, rahat vishay madamaat – Like a blind and deaf man, you neither listen to spiritual teaching nor see the illusory nature of this world, but remain intoxicated in sensual pleasures.

‘Ab karihaun, ab karihaun’, imi kahi, rahi jaihaun pachhitaat – If you continue to postpone your devotional practice saying , “I will do it later, I will do it once I finish this or that,” you will regret your procrastination when death comes and it will be too late.

Hota ‘Kripalu’ pralay pal mahan tu, kehi bala para itaraat – Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj warns the mind, “Death can come at any instant. What power do you possess to postpone death that makes you act so conceited?”

Speech in English 1 Tracks


English Speech on Significance of Jagadguru Diwas given by Sushree Diwakari Devi at Radha Madhav Dham on 01/11/2015