You are a soul; not body

Arjun was not present when his son Abhimanyu was slain. When he learnt of his son’s death, he was devastated and requested Shri Krishna to show him Abhimanyu just once. Shri Krishna reasoned with him and said, “You have been seeing your son for 16 years, what great difference will it make, if you see him once more?” Overcome with grief and love for his departed son, Arjun insisted to see Abhimanyu just once. Shri Krishna finally conceded to his request and called the soul of Abhimanyu. With the power of Yogmaya, He bestowed on him a body identical to the one he had prior to his death. On seeing his son, Arjun ran towards him with open arms and said, “Son!” Abhimanyu commanded him, saying “Stop right there. Who are you calling ‘son’? The one who was your son was killed on the battle field and his body is still lying there. I am not your son. You have become my son, father and mother etc. infinite times and vice – versa. Don’t call me your son.”

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