Yearning In Devotion

Yearning In Devotion“Jal binu meen jaise, Govind Radhey
Ur talphani ho to Hari se mila de”

(Just like a fish struggles for life without water, extremely deep yearning in the heart will unite you with Shree Krishna.)

To achieve God-realization, we have to not just make firm decision in our mind but be stubborn about meeting soul-beloved Shyam Sundar in this very lifetime. Increasing longing in this way is true sadhana (devotion).  In this way, while doing devotion, we must strive to deepen and increase longing to such an extent that even a moment of separation would seem like an age.  This would be the pinnacle of devotional practice.  At this stage, you will receive the supreme Divine bliss with the Grace of God and Guru.

How to Practice Sadhana in Everyday Life?

  1. Always feel the close presence of your beloved God with you.  In other words, never feel that you are alone.  If a bad, faulty or vile thought ever arises in the mind, think that God is watching.
  2. While doing devotion, do sincere remembrance of your beloved God and Guru with feelings of closeness or meeting.
  3. Upon feeling disheartened or doubtful or upon being struck by any other kind of negative thought, go into a quiet place and correct yourself by shedding tears of repentance.
  4. While practicing karmyog, observe silence as much as, and wherever possible.
  5. Always bear in mind that one should not inflict pain or harm onto others through one’s actions.
  6. Do not have feelings of love and hate towards the world, and only then will you be able to secure devotion in its actual true form.
  7. Sadhana in its superior form is done along with Roopdhyan (absorbing one’s mind in the loving remembrance of the leelas of God and the Guru).

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