Why Haven’t We Found God So Far?

Why Haven't We Found God So Far

The following question was asked by a devotee and answered by Jagadaguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj Himself.

God is omnipresent, yet why have we not found Him so far?

You did not desire for Him. There are several levels of desiring. You may desire something so much that you are unable to survive without it; without it a moment may feel like a yug. This stage will come when you are totally and perfectly surrendered to God. Our mind is full of worldly attachments – “this is mine, that is mine.” In place of these worldly attachments, one should fully dedicate himself to the lotus feet of God.

Look at God’s Grace! Out of His compassion He gave you this human form, He gave you inquisitiveness to know about God, He arranged for you to meet a Divine Saint. Our heart should melt if we sincerely feel how much God has Graced us.

Mind alone is the reason for mayic bondage and liberation. Mind is attached in the world; it has to be attached to God. This is true devotion.

By your own effort, you can only purify your heart. Guru alone will bless you with the Divine Bliss of God. Loving remembrance of leelas of God are to delight in His Bliss and not for intellectual entertainment. Utilize your intellect in worldly matters. When you will fully comprehend and embrace the fact that the world is mayic and you (soul) are spiritual, you are a part of God, therefore, God alone belongs to you (soul) and your body belongs to this world, then you will turn towards God.

While humbly accepting that you are a fallen soul, afflicted by mayic defilements, with tears of love and repentance, beg God for His selfless love. Do not ask for worldly things from God. Then, God will reveal His Divine form to you through a Divine Saint.

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