Where Do We Stand In Devotion?

Where Do We Stand In DevotionThe mind that is subject to ups and downs, rising and falling cannot pass a judgment against its own self.  Our mind is faulty and full of defects and when we ask the same mind, it will say, “I am perfectly alright.”  Only God and Saints know the inner quality of a person’s heart and mind.  However, we can somewhat assess the state of our own heart and mind on the basis of philosophy.  How? It is described in the Brahmvaivart Puran that when we listen to, think about and talk about worldly things, critical things, sinful things, it identifies the impurity of our heart and mind.

In such a troubled state of mind, we end up committing spiritual transgressions. We cause more harm to ourselves by thinking about negative things and that’s not the end of it – we gossip to another person. Now that person will tell a third person and it keeps getting passed on from one person to another.  An ignorant fool like him caused so much damage to so many other people.  Not only did he bring harm to himself, but, as a result, committed sins by influencing other people.

We never think that we must have control over our physical senses.  Eating is important to maintain the body.  Wearing clothes is important to cover the body.  Save whatever little money you can and create your spiritual destiny.

Our mind is like a dirty piece of cloth of past many, many lifetimes.  We have to clean it.  Clean water is needed to wash away the impurities.  Clean water refers to God and Guru.  They are both pure, and as many times as you will bring them into your heart, the impurity of the heart will dissipate.  Everyone should ponder for five minutes before bed – “What were all the unfavorable and undesirable things I thought about today?  Why did I think about them?”

This world is made of maya.  Everything here is imperfect.  However, our goal is to clean out our heart and mind of all the defects and deficiencies, not to add more from outside. A devotee should seriously reflect on all these facts and should earnestly work on eliminating their deficiencies and weaknesses.

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