What should a person do if he does not have faith?

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Q. Maharajji! You say that the goal (of perfect happiness) can be attained with genuine faith, genuine Saint and genuine association. What should a person do if he does not have faith?

A. There is a path for such a person also: he should associate with a true Saint. When he will listen to and understand the various aspects of devotional philosophy – the importance of human life, Who God is, how God can be attained, how simple it is, what the nature of the world is, what the nature of material happiness is, and so on – he will think, “O I am drowned in sheer negligence trying to achieve satisfaction through material riches and wealth alone. This is a grave mistake. Now, I must do something about my spiritual welfare.” In other words, that hunger or aspiration will develop with the help of philosophy. The condition is that such a person must constantly associate with a real Saint. Even if he casually and unwillingly sits and listens to philosophy, then with repetitive listening, the knowledge (about God) will enter deeper into his heart and, consequently, he will develop a natural affinity (for God) in the form of faith.

In the Bhagwatam, Ved Vyas has given us hope. He declared that even those without faith will also reach their goal, provided they constantly and with conviction associate with a true Saint. In our satsang, hundreds of devotees have told me, “Maharajji! Your lecture was going on in a certain place and I just happened to be driving by when I heard a few sentences you spoke, and I pulled over my car and ended up listening to your whole lecture. That was it for me; the fire started! After that I started listening to your lectures daily. Before that I was a complete atheist.”

The effect of listening for just a few minutes was shared by many people. Thus, one should constantly listen to and understand (devotional philosophy). It is only upon listening, that one will understand as everyone obviously has an intellect. Gradually, the listener will realize the importance (of knowledge), which will consequently evolve into faith that will lead to the attainment of one’s goal.

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