Virtue Of An Evolved Devotee: Don’t Judge

Virtue Of An Evolved Devotee-Don't Judge

Whether anyone is a Saint or a demon, always nurture good and positive feelings toward others so that good thoughts come into your heart and mind.  Whoever or whatever an individual is, they will remain as they are.  If we invite negative and unfavorable feelings into our heart, we have already polluted our heart.  Now, God Who started to make an entry into our heart, turned away and went back.  God says, “You are welcoming others . This is why I don’t wish to live in such a house.”

The virtue of a highly evolved devotee is that he never thinks badly of anyone.  No one knows who or what anyone else is or what the inner strength of one’s devotional feelings is.  Everyone has their own unique style.  

There was a Seth Ji (rich merchant) who would never chant God’s name nor go to the temple. Sethani Ji (wife) was worried that she married an atheistic man.  One night, in his sleep while stretching, he uttered ‘Radhey’.  Sethani Ji heard this and the next morning she started giving charity (as a sign of auspiciousness).  She started organizing a huge feast for Brahmans, and began rejoicing and celebrating.  Just then, the Seth Ji came and said, “Tell me, it’s not Janmashtmi or Ramnavmi today is it?”  She replied, “Oh my dear husband, today is a great festive day.”  He asked, “What is it?”  “Last night, while turning to your side, you said ‘Radhey’.”  Upon hearing this, the Seth Ji almost died (out of devastation).  He thought, “The precious name that I treasured in my heart for so long got out.”  There are various styles of practicing bhakti that are unique to each individual.   Sethani Ji could not understand for so long that Seth Ji was such a great devotee of God.

So, what if, at present, a person is a hypocrite?  He could be so due to his bad destiny.  When his bad destiny will end, he could become noble and virtuous again, just like he was in the past.  Meanwhile, we are obsessed with hostile feelings toward that person. Consequently, we have caused great harm to ourselves and the other person has salvaged their good destiny.  Thus, we should not ever look to another devotee as we cannot appreciate their internal state.




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