Ved: The Foundation Of Sanatan Dharm

VedasThe Ved is eternal knowledge of God which resides within God and is produced in the form of “spoken words” on the earth planet. This Vedic knowledge, in the form of “spoken words” was passed on through many generations of Divine rishis. Another name for the Ved is ‘shruti’, which means that which was heard once and remembered. Eventually, when ordinary human population expanded, the shruti had to be recorded in a written form; thus, the Ved was produced in book form. Although books may be destroyed, or the “words” forgotten, yet the knowledge, being an eternal power of God, is not lost forever. It may disappear from the earth planet, but it is reproduced by Shree Krishna Himself or through His eternal Saints and rishis. Thus, the Vedic knowledge is always available to the souls of the earth planet.

Vedic knowledge is a complete knowledge: it gives us the understanding of how to live a good life, and it guides us towards God realization. Sanatan Dharm, the original name of Hindu religion, is the eternal path to God, as told in the Vedas. It includes both the guidelines for living a healthy and pious life in the world, and the knowledge of how to attain God. In fact, all the Hindu scriptures, like the Gita, Puranas, Smritis, Darshan Shastras, Mahabharat, and Ramayan, are a further explanation of the spiritual teachings already found in the Vedas.

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