Ultimate Divine Goal

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Q. How Can We Attain Ultimate Divine Goal?

A. The only ultimate goal of souls afflicted by maya is to attain the absolute Divine bliss of Supreme God Shree Krishna.  In order to receive the Divine gift of Krishna love, you will have to prepare the Antahkaran-‘pot’ of your heart and mind.  Krishna love will be attained through the Grace of the swaroop shakti (intimate, personal Divine power) of Shree Krishna.  Thus, it is absolutely essential to completely and fully purify the mind.

The requisite for total purification of the mind is single-minded, exclusive, selfless bhakti (devotion) to Shree Radha Krishna. To do bhakti, sincere and wholehearted dedication and surrender to a God realized rasik Saint is extremely important.

In essence: firstly, faithful and humble dedication to a rasik Saint; after that, single-minded and selfless devotion to Shree Radha Krishna; after that, total purification of heart and mind; followed by the divinizing of the mind with the Grace of God and Guru; ultimately, leading to the attainment of the supreme eternal gift of the Divine love of Shree Radha Krishna.

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