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Scriptures - Divine KnowledgeThe time that we spend without the association of the mind with the Divine names, form, leelas, virtues, abode, and the Saints of God is the time spent doing kusang. The categories of kusang are many. It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it. Often times a devotee is unable to discriminate that he is doing kusang. Here we will discuss ‘To Study Scriptures’.

Shastron Ko Padhna To Study Scriptures

To study many different kinds of scriptures, including the Vedas, Puranas and various other religious books, is kusang. Don’t be shocked, try to understand. The reason being that the scriptures are expositions of Saints’ Divine minds, therefore, we can also call them bhagwatpraneet (expositions of God). The actual depth and meaning of the Divine knowledge within the scriptures is known to God realized Saints only.

After studying the various kinds of scriptures, one will develop too many questions which are impossible to resolve without practical experience. Even if they can be answered to a certain degree, that too is only with the guidance of a Saint. Thus, all the scriptures in themselves signify that the secrets of the Divine knowledge can be comprehended with the teaching of Saints only.

If you wish to draw the meaning of the Divine knowledge within the scriptures on the basis of your own intellectual capacity, then first of all you should understand what Saints have to say in this regard. In the words of Tulsidas Ji – If you will on your own try to determine the meaning of the Divine knowledge within the scriptures, then instead of gaining clarity you will further become entangled in the net of scriptural contradictions.

In essence, in order to resolve a single question, you will take your intellect to the scriptures in search of an answer and due to not knowing the true meaning of the scriptures, as a result, hundreds of doubts and questions will arise in your mind. Thus, true scriptural knowledge can be attained from a Saint only.


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