The Secret Of Karm Yog – Part 2

The Secret of Karm Yog-2

In the previous article “The Secret Of Karm Yog-Part1”, we discussed one must perform their duty free of attachment and be unaffected by either success or failure. Let us discuss this further by the example of Arjun.

 Arjun fights the battle of Mahabharat

Let’s look at the example of Arjun in the Mahabharat war. Once he chose to fight the battle, he did so without personal attachment to the outcome – he did not want to become the ruler of India, nor to enjoy the pleasures of the earth or of swarg. He did not care if people viewed him as a great warrior. He chose to fight the war because it was the right thing to do – it was his dharm. He was very focused and determined in his efforts on the battlefield. Had he been careless or slow-acting, he would have been killed immediately. Yet, he was not worried about his personal loss or gain which may have happened as a result of winning or losing the battle. Thus, he did it as an act of karm yog.

Now you must have understood the difference between undertaking an action with a positive goal in mind, and undertaking an action with a personal attachment to the outcome. The next important practical matter to be addressed is that the only way a person can actually undertake an action without personal attachment to the outcome is if their mind is attached in God instead. How to accomplish this is worth a read-stay tuned for our next article “Action Without Attachment-Is It Possible?”

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