The Last Desire

A king was traveling and when it was time to pray he laid out his prayer mat to offer prayers. Just then a woman came running and inadvertently stepped on the king’s prayer mat. The king was furious. He ordered the woman to be captured and beheaded. The woman accepted her fate and was granted a final wish. Her last desire was to ask the king a question. When brought before the king, the woman said, “O king! I was in a hurry to meet my husband who was returning home after three months. In my rush I unknowingly stepped on your prayer mat.” The woman then asked, “I was so anxious to meet my worldly beloved that I did not notice you, your elephants, your caravan or your prayer mat. My mind was completely consumed by my beloved. Why was your mind not fully consumed with the thoughts of your divine beloved? And if you say it was, then how is it that you noticed me in the first place?”

This question left the king speechless. He became apologetic and released the woman.

Mind is the one that loves. Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation.

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