The Charm Of Krishna Love

  Gopi Meditating On KrishnaOnce Narad Ji went to Braj and there he saw that on the bank of river Yamuna, a Gopi is sitting motionless, in the pose of a yogi with closed eyes. Narad Ji was a little astonished that how did the path of yoga appear in Braj? Yoga is the path of advaitis (followers of impersonal God). The path of yoga doesn’t hold much significance in Braj as compared with the path of prem (Divine love). Narad Ji thought, “Who is this yogini in the midst of all the Braj Gopis?”

Narad Ji was in the sky, going somewhere, and he decided to descend in  Braj. Narad Ji approached the Gopi and said, “Mata Ji.” Now Mata Ji (Gopi) had her eyes closed. Why would she open her eyes? So Narad Ji set his Veena (harp) down and shook her. “Listen, Mata Ji.” The Gopi opened her eyes and said, “What is it?” Narad Ji asked, “Are you meditating on Shree Krishna or are you meditating on Brahm, sitting by yourself on the bank of Yamuna?” Gopi replied, “Baba Ji, you won’t understand. Just go about your own way. All this is my personal business.” Narad Ji said, “What is it that I won’t understand? Tell me what is going on. Is this about some kind of theft or robbery?”

Gopi said, “O Baba Ji! The thing is that Nandkumar, Shree Krishna is really troubling me. When I prepare my courtyard, He runs over it while it’s still wet; He ruins it. I prepare my courtyard; it would look pretty after it dries up, but He starts running on it while it’s still wet. This is what I think happens. When I pound the rice, He grabs the pestle from the top and doesn’t let it come down. When I am bringing home water, He breaks my pot by throwing stones. And sometimes He elbows my pot and it falls to the ground. He disturbs me in all my household chores. On the one hand, I get scolded by my husband, my father-in-law and mother-in-law, and on the other hand, I have to put up with all His mischief.

Narad Ji said, “But I am not asking you about all this. I am asking who you are meditating on.”

Gopi said, “That’s exactly what I am telling you, Baba Ji. With my eyes closed, I am trying to take Krishna out of my heart.”

Narad Ji was amazed at the words of the Gopi. “Great, great paramhans go into nirvikalp samadhi (a total thoughtless state in which the mind is fully absorbed in the pious quality of maya or in the Divine state) to get a single glimpse of Shree Krishna and even then they don’t succeed, and this Gopi is pursuing all kinds of tricks to take Shree Krishna out her heart? This Gopi is doing reverse sadhana? O! This is Braj. This is not the place to apply the intellect. All is fine over here. Whatever doesn’t happen here is simply not enough. O! Where the supreme brahm, Shree Krishna, is taken to task by the Gopis, there, all kinds of mind-boggling acts take place!”

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