Temporary And Unsatisfying Nature Of Swarg – 2

temporary and unsatisfyinh nature of swarg-2

In the previous article, “Temporary And Unsatisfying Nature Of Swarg – 1”, we understood that human life form is where we perform our actions, and other life forms are only the means of undergoing the consequences of those actions. For this reason, no one stays in swarg forever – they are returned to earth, where they eventually receive another human birth.

Is there real happiness in swarg?

No. The happiness of swarg is the same as the happiness of this world, which was previously explained to be an illusion of the mind. In fact, when we go to swarg, we go with the same mind. Mind and soul are always together in every birth. Thus, even when we go to swarg, we go with the same desires, attachments, anger, and jealousy that we have in our mind now. The only difference is, that we have earned a higher standard of material pleasure which we can enjoy. So the enjoyments are greater, but the happiness (or lack of) is the same.

Taittariya Upnishad describes 10 levels of swarg, where the status of enjoyment keeps increasing 100 fold as you go up each level. Which means that in the topmost abode of swarg – called satya lok or brahm lok – the level of enjoyment would be 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (100 billion billion) times greater than the greatest enjoyment of this earth. Yet, it would still fail to satisfy the soul’s thirst for Divine happiness. Even that happiness of satya lok is limited in amount and temporary in duration.

The residents of swarg are also jealous of their neighbors who enjoy greater pleasures due to their greater punya. It is said that even Indra, who is the king of the celestial gods, or devtas, is jealous of Brahma, who has a higher abode and more power than him (surpatir brahmam padam yachate). Yet even Brahma’s celestial abode is temporary (chapter 8, verse 16) because it is under maya. So when the mayic universe is dissolved during pralay, swarg is also dissolved, leaving only God’s Divine abode at that time.

For those who wish to reach God’s Divine abode and stay there forever, they cannot do so from swarg – they have to receive a human birth on earth and perform the required karm to reach that Divine abode. This is why Shree Krishna later tells Arjun that those who strive to attain swarg, viewing it as the ultimate attainment, are ignorant (chapter 2, verse 42 & 43).

So, did Arjun get lured by attainment of Swarg? Read “A Prison With Golden Bars Is Still A Prison” next week to find out.

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