Teachings Of Another Spiritual Path

Teaching Of Another Path

The categories of kusang are many. It is crucial to have an understanding of what these are so that a devotee can be cautious and protect himself from it. Often times a devotee is unable to discriminate that he is doing kusang. Here we will discuss ‘Teachings Associated With Any Other Spiritual Path’.

Anya Kisi Marg Vishayak Updesh Teachings Associated With Any Other Spiritual Path

Aside from the spiritual path taught by your Guru, listening to, reading, etc, any other teachings or instructions related to any other path is also kusang, even if that path is defined by a true Saint. The reason is that after listening to various paths a devotee will at times go here and at times go there. Consequently, he will end up neither here nor there.

For instance, you are a devotee on the path of bhakti and another Saint is teaching the path of gyan, you will hear and start thinking, “O! He is saying something very different.” That’s it, now the filth will begin to invade your mind. Your limited intellect does not possess the power to reach actual Divine truth.

Similarly, even in your own path also, there are many styles of devotional practice that depend on the devotee’s desire and faith. You may hear about another kind of practice and think, “O! This devotional practice must be very good because I haven’t yet realized God with my style of practice.” Perhaps you may develop a critical attitude that a particular style of practice isn’t right; you will end up committing a serious transgression.

You should always maintain the understanding that everyone’s devotional practices are correct. Everyone does whatever suits them best. Thus, it is important to continuously meditate upon, contemplate and cherish the path shown by your Guru and in addition, never criticize or misjudge the followers of other paths as well as devotees of your own path who have adopted various styles of devotional practice.


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