Spiritualism Vs Materialism

Spiritualism Vs MaterialismEvery individual soul in this universe naturally desires unlimited happiness because he is a part of the reservoir of Bliss, Shree Krishna, who is the absolute personification of existence, knowledge and bliss. A number of controversies are prevalent regarding the means to attain this infinite Bliss, but all these controversies can be divided into two categories – spiritualism and materialism.

The one who identifies the ‘self’ with the soul is a spiritualist and the one who identifies the ‘self’ with the body is a materialist. Although the above adherents condemn each other, actually, both are naïve. Just as the body and the soul have a harmonious eternal relationship in the same way, both spiritualism and materialism are equally indispensible.

One can practice proper spiritual discipline of the soul only by keeping the body healthy and intact, and, the existence of the body, in turn, depends upon the soul.

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