Spiritual Transgression

Namparadh – Spiritual Transgression:

To disrespect a Saint or a devotee is extreme kusang. Often, devotees think of themselves and their Guru as being pure and virtuous, whereas, they exhibit a critical judgment of other devotees and Saints. This is a grave mistake and will lead to a transgression. Consequently your Guru and also God will be displeased because all the Saints and God are mutually one.

Spiritual Transgression

All the names, all the virtues, all the leelas, all the abodes and all the Saints are mutually one. To entertain ill feelings toward one is the same as entertaining ill feelings toward all of them. They all reside in each other and eternally reside. God resides in His own name and wherever God resides, so do His Saints. This is why there is unity among all of them. For this reason, discriminating one against the other is considered the greatest kusang. Thus, this is known as namparadh (spiritual transgression).

There are three kinds of spiritual transgressions – the first kind is toward God; the second kind is toward the name, form, leelas, virtues and abode, and the third kind is toward the Saints of God. Out of these, two are live – God and His Saints. The rest are also live, but they don’t appear to be live. Take for example, the name of God. Now how could a name have an appearance? How could anyone commit a transgression toward the name? However, it does happen. For example, someone is chanting ‘Gopal Gopal’ and you say, “Why are you chanting ‘Gopal Gopal, Govind Govind’? Why don’t you chant ‘Ram Ram, Shyam Shyam’? This is a transgression against the name.

If you have an affinity for a particular name of God, then enrich your affinity but do not criticize the name preferred by another person. If you have fondness for a particular descension of God, then deepen your fondness but do not condemn a different descension. If you have affection for a Guru, then worship him but do not criticize other Gurus. This is because they are all one. Criticizing another Saint will lead to transgressions. Thus, while worshipping your own Guru, remain neutral toward others.

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