Skillfulness In Action Is Karm Yog”


Skillfulness In Action-Karma Yog

In the previous post “Performing Action With Mind In God”, we discussed that if we attach our minds to God, there is a very positive change that takes place within our mind: all the daivi gunas begin to evolve.

To raise this idea to an even higher level, one could start to see God in all living beings, including one’s own family.  If you see God in your children, will you not want to do what is best for them? Yes you will, but you will be performing your duty in order to please God, instead of out of mere worldly attachment.  This practice of performing our duty while seeing God within us and in all things is not easy – it is a skill which must be practiced, but once developed, gives a positive and healthy perspective to one’s life.  This is what Shree Krishna means when He says, ‘yogah karmasu kaushalam‘, which means “skillfulness in action is karm yog.”

So you see that it is not only possible, but in fact desirable to perform our actions without attachment in the world, because the more our mind is attached to God, the more adept we become at performing our duties.

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