Shraddha (Faith)

Maharishi ValmikiThis is the story of story of Maharishi  Valmiki, who could not even pronounce the word “Rama”. Of the 6 billion human beings currently on this earth, you will not be able to find one person who can speak; can say “Ra” and “Ma” but cannot say “Rama”. Valmiki was such a big sinner that his sins prevented him from pronouncing the Holy name of Lord Rama. But he had firm faith in the words of his Guru. His Guru asked him to keep saying “Mara” “Mara” until his return. Valmiki accepted his Guru’s instructions wholeheartedly. His surrender was such that he did not even ask any questions such as “When will you return?”, “How long should I keep repeating these words?” etc. He kept saying “Mara, Mara”, sitting in the same place for years. His body was eaten by termites, yet he did not move. It was only by virtue of his firm faith in the words of his Guru that he attained God realization in the same life.

Having firm faith on the words of Guru and Vedas is Shraddha.

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