Saints-Grace Of God

Saints-Grace Of GodWe did a lot of devotion in our past life, so God created a situation so that we could meet a Saint. We heard the Divine teachings of the Saint, which had an effect on our heart and mind. We were drifting toward the world and God saved us from drowning into the world. God gifted us this precious Divine knowledge in order to attract us toward Himself. All this is known as Grace.

God also became omnipresent. Thus, His Grace is infinite. No one can measure the limit of God’s Grace. And then along came the Saints who brought with them an even greater bundle of Divine Grace that even God cannot do.

They discreetly appear in an ordinary form just like us. They come into the womb of a mother and assume a form as per the rules and regulations of this material world. After that they grow up and distribute Divine knowledge in the world in a visible and perceivable form, just like us. This is the Grace of God. They are extremely tolerant. Upon seeing them we discuss, we argue and we falsely reason with them. We create doubts in our mind toward them. Even after knowing that we do all that, they keep forgiving us.

Letter K

It doesn’t matter how intelligent a child may be, he will fall and stumble hundreds of times while learning to stand on his feet. A child is not going to become a professor without first learning ka, kha, ga, gha or A, B, C, D. It is the Guru or the Saint that makes all this effort. In other words, it is God’s Grace that makes it all happen. God and Saints are all part of the same spiritual government. It doesn’t matter whether you call it the Grace of Guru or the Grace of God. Thus, Grace is all they do always and nothing else.

One may argue that God kills so many people during His descension. Saints such as Arjun, etc. fight huge wars in this world, they commit so many murders, they get married, they have families and children, and you are saying that they do nothing, except Grace the souls? Yes, by acting in such a way they are showing us that, “Look even while doing the same acts of maya as you do, I am in my Divine personality. I am not bereft of Divine happiness. You all should do the same also.” God killed so many demons such as Aghasur, Bakasur, etc. and sent them all to His Divine abode. If it is not the Grace of God, what else could it be? It is described in the Bhagwatam that the wives of the serpents said to Shree Krishna, “My Lord, even Your anger is a form of Grace because it helped them attain spiritual welfare.”

In essence, God and Saint cannot do anything aside from Gracing the souls, and a soul under the influence of maya can never Grace anyone else. Both of these rules are irrefutable.

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