Sainta Of India – Nandgaon Mahatma

Saints Of India - Nandgaon Mahatma1

There was once a mahatma who lived in a cave near Nandgaon. He was a devotee of Shree Radha Krishna and would chant Their names in his cave all day long. A little before sunset each day he would come out and go to the village to domadhukari (ask for food).

Once, when he was coming back from the village, he met up with a stranger on the road. As they walked together, the stranger praised the greatness of Braj and described all theleelas of Shree Krishna that occurred at the places they passed.

The mahatma asked the stranger how he knew of all those leelas. “Because I see them happening,” he replied.

That mahatma of Nandgaon was excited and amazed to hear this. “Could I see them also?” he asked. The stranger replied, “Why not? Go to Yashoda Kund tomorrow evening. Gopal Krishna and the Gwalbals have to pass by there on Their way home from grazing the calves. Perhaps you will see Him then.”

He returned to his cave and, in the excitement of the idea of meeting Shree Krishna, sometimes he would chant, sometimes he would dance, and sometimes he would cry. He was becoming more and more restless to see Krishna. In that anticipation, somehow he managed to pass the night.

“Will Krishna really come? Will He give me His Divine vision? Am I really qualified to receive it? Oh no! Why would Krishna give His darshan to a fallen and crafty soul like me?” Thinking like this, he would burst into tears and fall unconscious. Sometimes he would think, “If Krishna were to Grace me, he wouldn’t lose anything from His side. He is the ocean of Grace. He will surely Grace me.” Thinking in this way, he would dive deep into the ocean of devotional happiness.

He spent the whole next day at Yashoda Kund in such a state. Slowly, daylight began to fade and the mahatma heard the sound of cows approaching, and he saw a group of Gwalbals herding the calves. He looked carefully and saw that they were surrounding a beautiful blue-complexioned boy Who walked with a merry stride, His intoxicating eyes flashing love and mischief. The mahatma immediately ran to Krishna and fell at His lotus feet.

Krishna, out of His naughtiness said, “Baba, why are you doing this? You are a mahatmaand you are pranaming (prostrating) to a little boy?”

Through incessant tears, the mahatma yearningly cried out, “Oh Gracious One, Oh compassionate One, show me Your compassion.”

The lotus feet of Krishna were drenched from his tears, but Shree Krishna pretended to be innocent – “Baba, you must be mad. I am getting late, let Me go. Mother will scold Me.”

The mahatma would not let go of Shree Krishna’s feet. Shree Krishna was also drowned in the love of His devotee.

Shree Krishna said, “Baba, if you won’t leave Me, then come with Me to My house. I will give you madhukari and whatever you ask for I will give it to you.”

 The mahatma begged, “My Lord, don’t try to trick me. Feel pity on this humble soul. Please abandon this act and give me Your Divine vision.”

 Shree Krishna became tied up in the love of his devotee and revealed His Divine form. The mahatma of Nandgaon was enlightened and received the vision of Muralidhari Krishna. However, he was still not satisfied.

He pleaded, “My Lord, I am a worshipper of Yugal Kishor, both You and Radha Rani. Only the vision of both of You together will cool the fire of my separation. Then He saw Divine Vrindaban, where Lalita, Vishakha, and all the Mahasakhis were delighting in the charming leelas of Radha Krishna, and the mahatma of Nandgaon was drowned forever in the Bliss of Divine love.

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