Saint Prahlad


Saint Prahlad is the personified example (of the omnipresence of God). Prahlad was the son of Hiranyakashipu. He attained Sainthood in his mother’s womb. Sage Narad saved Hiranyakashipu’s wife from Indra and brought her to his ashram. She was carrying Prahlad in her womb at that time. Hiranyakashipu had gone to perform austerity. Thus, Narad Ji endowed her with Divine knowledge and Prahlad (who was in her womb at the time) also received knowledge about bhakti. Prahlad receiving the teachings of the scriptures while in his mother’s womb, becoming a scholar and becoming a devotee right from birth was a mere act. The fact however, is that he is an eternally God realized Saint.

Hiranyakashipu, on the other hand, was a passionate enemy of God because God had killed his brother. He thought, “I will avenge God. I will kill God.” He observed great and severe austerities to please Brahma. (Pleased with his austerities,) Brahma granted him the boon he desired. He asked, “I should not die in the day or at night. I should not meet my death on the ground or in the air. I should not be killed by a human being or by an animal.” (Despite the fact that he asked for such an elaborate boon,) God killed him and also told him, “Look it’s not day or night, it is evening. Look it’s not the ground or the air, you are sitting on My thigh. I am neither a human being nor am I an animal, but I am a combination of both – Narsingh.”

After all, what is the insignificant power of a human in front of omniscient God? Thus, in that event, Hiranyakashipu scolded Prahlad – “What are you blabbering that God is omnipresent? Is He in our palace?” Prahlad replied, “Yes, Yes, He is.” “Alright! Tell me where He is.” “He is in every particle.” “He is in every particle? Is He in this pillar?” “Yes, He is indeed.”

Just then, Hiranyakashipu used all his might and slammed the pillar with the mace. The pillar made of stone fell apart and out came Lord Narsingh claiming, “Hey, I reside in everything. Nothing is impure for Me. I reside in your heart twenty-four hours and in the heart of every soul alike, whether it is a dog, a cat, a donkey, demon, sinner, evil person or anyone. And not only that, I am omnipresent. I purify that which is impure. Anything that is impure cannot make me impure.”

Thus, along with His Divine powers, God inhabits every particle.  On this basis, Prahlad was protected and on this basis, Holi is celebrated.  God is omnipresent.  If anyone can (wholeheartedly) accept and make peace with this reality, then nothing remains to be done.  Such a person will attain his ultimate goal.

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