Saint-Giver Of Knowledge

Saint-Giver Of Knowledge

Those who have realized God, those Saints, Mahatmas or God…both have nothing further to attain. They have become ineffective or without work. If a person doesn’t have any work, then such an individual would be called useless. Similarly, one who has attained his goal of perfection becomes unproductive. Such a person is called ‘akarta‘. Nevertheless, he has been in the habit of performing actions for his own self since eternity. Now if he wants to work, then he can work for the benefit of other souls.

The second thing is that once a soul attains God realization, he receives Divine qualities as that of God. Out of the uncountable virtues of God, one virtue is called Kripa (Grace) or, daya (compassion). God thinks, “All these poor souls are miserable due to ignorance. What does ‘ignorance’ mean? It means that the souls do not identify themselves as the ‘soul’. They think of themselves as the physical body. It is due to this ignorance that all the souls are in distress. Thus God thought, “Firstly, I must give them knowledge. I must wake them up by giving them knowledge. They should understand, “What is my true identity and how will I attain my ultimate goal? Which path will help me reach my goal?” This is the work that a Saint will do (after God realization) and God will do the same.

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