Sadhana Anytime Anywhere

Sadhana Anytime AnywhereWhen people are sitting idle, anywhere at any given time, they can’t be ‘mind-free’.  Mind will do its work.  The mind will go to the place of its attachment.  Typically, we all think about the world because that is where your mind is attached.

However, devotional practice can be done during free time. Remember ‘Radhey’ name with every breath. When you inhale, remember ‘Ra’ and when you exhale, remember ‘dhey’. You don’t have to vocalize ‘Radhey’ name.  Just simply with each breath: ‘Ra’ while inhaling and ‘dhey’ while exhaling. You are going somewhere by car, driver is driving. You are sitting and your mind will think about worldly things, useless things and people: mother, father, son, wife, husband, wealth, gain and loss and the toils of worldly affairs.  Instead, utilize your precious time in practicing remembrance with every breath.  It will require diligence for some time and then it will become a natural practice.

Everyone’s intellect is weak.  No matter how much pride and ego one may show, by over-talking you could end up saying the wrong thing, and the listener may feel offended, and consequently think foolishly of you.  And as a result of that you inflict harm upon yourself.  To say things out loud is more dangerous.  Less dangerous than that is to just think in your own mind. So, control your talking and speak only as necessary.

Radhey RadheyIn essence, speak as little as possible and during free time, do jap (remembrance) of Radhey name.  Firmly resolve to sincerely heed and practice these two instructions for ten, twenty, thirty days.  You will derive an extremely significant amount of devotional benefit from this and many of the worldly fights, conflicts and battles will also vanish.  Just give it a try! It’s not for the benefit of anyone else, except your own.  You will save time, feel inner peace and tranquility and, you will not feel angry or agitated.  You will have put in effort at first, and then it will become natural with practice.  You all must be familiar with the word ‘habit’.  I don’t mean your ‘nature’, I mean ‘habit’.  With repeated practice, one can develop a habit; that which is attained through practice. Thus, I urge you all to practice these two instructions.

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