Rule For Devotion-Do It Today

Rule For Devotion-Do It Today

Rule For Devotion-Do It Today

“Realizing the transience of the human body, strive for devotion without the slightest delay, even if you have to put worldly matters on hold.” -Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Give utmost importance and priority to your spiritual life, although it is okay to delay worldly duties and responsibilities. The reason being: let’s say your intellect decides that a person should be physically harmed or something of his should be stolen or you contemplate any kind of unpleasant thought. However, if you delay it – “I’ll do it tomorrow”, it’s possible that you may change your mind overnight – “Oh, that is a terrible thing. How can I possibly do something like that?” You will be saved from committing a sin. On the contrary, if at any given moment your intellect rules that you should perform a God-related spiritual deed, but then you decide to delay it, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, it’s possible that your decision may change overnight – “Don’t do that. Spend the money, instead of donating it.” Now, your thinking has changed (for the worse). The human mind is governed by the three mayic qualities – sattvic (mode of goodness),rajas (mode of passion) and tamas (mode of ignorance). The state of the mind swings between good thoughts and bad thoughts, while at other times the mind is in an in-between state. In one day alone, the mind fluctuates toward mother, father, son and even God. Our consciousness keeps on wavering toward God and Saints also. At times we think, “Guru Ji is really very kind and merciful”. At other times we think, “Well, actually, he doesn’t bestow his mercy, he only does justice. He gave a mala to that devotee and not to me. He speaks to that devotee but not to me.” So, we see how the mind develops negativity and resentment. The mind is so corrupt and deceptive that even great, great yogis have accepted defeat before it. Even though we sometimes scold the mind when we realize our mistakes, still we commit the same mistakes again. Mind alone has to detach from the world and the mind alone has to attach to God. For this reason, we have to be utterly cautious and steadfast in our devotion, and strive for it without the slightest delay.

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