Rough Waters Of Narmada

Once Shri Maharaj Ji was travelling in a boat with some devotees, travelling from Maheshwar to Mandleshwar, going across the Narmada River, at night. The waters got rough at night and the boat started rocking quite violently. The devotees who were in the boat started getting worried. Their worries echoed in their minds, “O Pandit Ji, (referring to Maharaj Ji as Pandit Ji), please help us…what will become of us now?” However, there was no sign of waters becoming calmer; rather it got more violent.

Maharaj Ji, who was well aware of everyone’s concerns, suddenly jumped out of the boat! As soon as he jumped into the river, it became calm. In fact, when he was in the waters, miraculously the water came only till his waist level. Teasingly Maharaj Ji said to the devotees, “Look, the water isn’t deep at all. You people shouldn’t be afraid of anything at all!” The devotees looked at Maharaj Ji with amazement.

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